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# 1 JMD @ 01/11/11 10:07 AM
Wow! Can't wait for this one to come out.
# 2 Peter_OS @ 01/11/11 11:03 AM
Best looking Nascar game ever!! Very impressed!
# 3 CoreyMac @ 01/11/11 11:04 AM
Im not a fan of NASCAR.....but this game looks like it could be really fun.....graphics look great too. Only thing making me skeptical is the game development history of this developer. Maybe this game will be their turning point.
# 4 gigadkc @ 01/11/11 11:19 AM
veeery nice. I still wonder if the game will be released in Europe, too?
# 5 Dazraz @ 01/11/11 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by gigadkc
veeery nice. I still wonder if the game will be released in Europe, too?
The GAME website in the UK have a preview for the game so hopefully that indicates a European release.
Great videos although I would of liked to seen some different camera views.
# 6 gigadkc @ 01/11/11 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Flamehead
According to the Eutechnyx forums, the game will be released in North America only. However, I would imagine the PS3 version could be imported since PS3 titles are region-free.
ah, okay, thanks. I import The Show every year, that's no problem. Of course I get games cheaper over here in Europe so it just want to be sure that it's released in North America only before I pre-order
# 7 Tidefan6869 @ 01/11/11 09:01 PM
Couple of things I noticed on the videos. The gauge that has the needle and also has the gas level. It goes from 0 to max. I wonder if that is throttle position? I also noticed that the youtube video said Richard Towler, who was the iracing nascar world champ last year. This gives me even more hope that it will be more of a sim game. That is of course assuming that he is the one driving in these videos.
# 8 Tidefan6869 @ 01/11/11 09:05 PM
After watching it again, I may have come up with my own conclusion. I'm thinking that since it has a fuel gauge on it, that needle is telling you how much fuel you are using. I noticed that it goes up so far but then increase with the speed and rpm of the car.
# 9 dmoney24 @ 01/12/11 01:26 AM
This is a must buy before I watched the video. I'm going to pre-order this thing tomorrow. The shadowing at Infineon at the end of the video really sold me. The driver was definitely using up his car on that lap though. I liked how he aggressively drove the track and hitting the rumble strips up on the hill got him sideways.

I'm very impressed!
# 10 Ikki @ 01/12/11 08:25 PM
I'm gonna go fast, and I'm gonna turn to the left sometimes.

Just kidding.
# 11 brandon27 @ 01/16/11 06:26 PM
well, I'm sold. can't wait to get this
# 12 bluestreak10 @ 01/18/11 03:03 PM
i already reserved my copy of this game sunday i can't wait until this game comes out!!!!!

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