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In the final chapter of the 20th Anniversary Videos series EA Sports looks at NHL 11 and possibilities of where the game will be going in the future.

What would you like to see in NHL 12 and beyond?

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# 1 TDKing @ 01/14/11 03:09 PM
HUT is not the type of dynasty mode the community is asking for !!! Is EA trying to convince us or themselves?

1. Customizable season length in BeAGM mode. 20/42/82

2. Online BeAGM with customizable season length and all of the options that are available in offline BeAGM like salary cap, free agents, RFA’s, trading etc… Add in a nice web based interface.

3. Ability to have an online Co-op franchise with a max of 6 friends at one time on the same team.

4. Battle for the cup, Playoff and Tournament modes should be available as online Multi player modes.(we should have had it this year!).

5. Ability to use our own slider settings online. ( in the above requested online modes and quick games).

6. Option to have Private HUT leagues. ( here is a tip for you EA… Global=Cheesers, Private=Friends). Also option to play friends in a quick match with our PHL team.

7. Better differentiation in players. I know there is a slider but I can’t use my sliders online.

8. Option to turn off 1st person fighting.

9. All the other various AI and Gameplay fixes that the other guys are sure to post here.
Thanks.... again.
# 2 jyoung @ 01/14/11 03:20 PM
I enjoy HUT, but you are right: it is no replacement for a true online dynasty mode.
# 3 TDKing @ 01/14/11 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
I enjoy HUT, but you are right: it is no replacement for a true online dynasty mode.
I like the idea behind HUT but only if we could have the option of private leagues. I hate playing randoms. I also like it as its own mode not as a replacement for a true online franchise/BaGM/Dynasty mode.
# 4 statum71 @ 01/14/11 04:12 PM
Twenty years. Great. I've been along for the ride.

(except those few years they made dynasty mode single player with only one team)
# 5 jyoung @ 01/14/11 04:52 PM
Yeah the hitting is the only aspect of the current physics engine that feels somewhat realistic.

The turn-on-a-dime speed skating is still very arcadey, and the stick work is entirely made of preset animations.

I hope next year the focus is on making stick lifts, poke checks, and tie-ups contextual instead of just pre-set animations like they are now.

Defense needs an overhaul the most. If you watch how defense is played in hockey, 90% of it is positioning and stick work, not the rampant body checking seen in NHL 11.
# 6 dettigers2727 @ 01/14/11 04:59 PM
-Customation of Camera Views
-Signature player models simliar to NBA 2k
-Winter Classic-Being able to play any teams especially from past and present venures.
# 7 GlennN @ 01/14/11 05:28 PM
For the offline franchise player (like me):
1) Better tracking of player stats (especially career), awards, etc.
2) Goalies who perform for users according to ratings
3) Add/fix goalie fatigue
4) Add a slider for the amount of after the whistle pushing and shoving
5) Ability to edit any time in franchise (including the draft pool)
6) Add chemistry between lines, like in HUT
7) Put back ability to turn off autosave
# 8 Vikes1 @ 01/15/11 03:42 AM
Like TDKing mentioned, I too am sure hoping a customizable season length is coming soon. And for NHL '12', would be a good time to do it. At least imo...it's darn foolish not to have this option.

Also mentioned was for goalie fatigue to be apart of NHL's future. I couldn't agree more. Goalie depth needs to be apart of the game. To where goalies are just like the rest of your roster. They tire, get injured, etc...

Like many other near off-line only franchise mode gamers, I too worry a little that the future in EA's mind belongs to on-line gaming. Which maybe true. But I sure hope that us off-line fans aren't swept under the rug and forgotten. I like to believe that off-line franchise gamers are still a big percentage of video sports gaming. I sure hope we're being kept in mind, in EA Canada's future plans. And of course great off-line franchise play is a lot more than just depth in the mode. It also must have as realistic as possible game play. Which needs to be fueled by solid playing AI.
# 9 Dazraz @ 01/15/11 03:51 AM
I have played every version of EA's NHL series. In the days of the Megadrive it was my favourite game. Nowadays it's more like scraping into the top 5. As a simulation it's better than ever but it's far short of the complete package when you start looking at things such as the lack of depth in the Dynasty Mode & the weak presentation (generic commentary, repetitive cut scenes).

EA seems to have tunnel vision in regards where they feel the game needs to go. Being obsessed with the physics driven gameplay is no bad thing, but EA need to wake up to the fact that not everyone is into the HUT mode.

1.) EA need to completely rework the presentation elements.
2.) Not everyone wants to play using the up/down cameras. Give us a proper Broadcast camera with the ability to adjust height & zoom levels. Why on earth did EA incorporate a custom camera feature that didn't allow you to customize the Broadcast camera?
3.) NHL has gone the same route as FIFA by way of the ever expanding number of leagues represented in the game. Sadly it's fallen foul of the same issues that the FIFA series has suffered from. A game between 2 top NHL rivals should feel alot different than a match up between AHL or European teams. What we end up having is the same feel & look to each game along with the same patter from the commentary team. NHL games should have a more intense feel to them along with Team/Player specific commentary. This is one of the areas 2K have addressed so impressively with their NBA series & will likely impress upon with their forthcoming NHL title.
4.) Dynasty Mode needs to be completely revamped. Franchise Modes in other games are far beyond what we get in NHL 11. The mode needs to be expanded to allow for multiplayer for both Offline & Online gamers.
5.) Realistic number of penalties within a game. The latest tuner set has seen the number of penalties reduced to 1 or 2 a game even with all penalty sliders maxed out.
6.) Ability to switch off the damn awful first person perspective during fights.
# 10 bones79 @ 01/15/11 04:33 AM
CPU AI needs some serious attention. GM and Pro modes are stale, and games become tedious quickly. Far too few shots and ridiculously low puck possession time for CPU. Also not aggressive enough, as every game I can just skate up the boards into the OZ. Games should be challenging because the CPU plays smart, not because it gets unfair boosts - I don't want to see Gill overtake Cogliano.
Players should be more varied - the player types and attributes (greater range?) should have much more effect - I want a power forward to be at the net for deflections, rebounds and dirty goals a la Smyth (signature styles maybe?)
The create a play system is a great idea but could be better, the way it is now is ok, but things rarely work how you'd like - maybe you should be able to also specify areas on the ice where you want your players to move to and hang around when on attack etc
Trading is still a bit ropey in GM, like being told a trade is "nearly there", but then getting dismissed when you add an extra pick or player.
A roster share system NEEDS to be in place - I don't want to wait months before I can play offline because rosters are incorrect.
HUT was fun for a month or so, and EASHL is great, but Dynasty, Pro and gameplay/AI need massive attention.

# 11 DJ @ 01/15/11 09:24 AM
Why hadn't I heard of these videos before? And, where can I find the other 4?

Offline gamers, I'm right there with you, so nothing really new for me to add.
# 12 infernoisdead @ 01/16/11 12:42 AM
I would love to see multi-user offline Be A GM. My roomate and I play NHL11 non-stop, and for the last two years have had a lot of fun playing the best of 7 mode, as well as co-GMing one franchise. But the thing we always want to do is compete with each other in GM. It's possible in Madden dating back to ps1, as well as the NCAA franchise.
# 13 JezFranco @ 01/17/11 03:26 AM
I'd like to see more options for offline games, and offline co-op especially.

For multiple human players vs the CPU;

Face-off option: Player 1 (or 2 or 3) does all faceoff's / Alternate between all players / alternate upon faceoff loss...
Coaching option: Player 1 (or 2 or 3) does all coaching / Free for everyone...
Post-game Stats (player wise): I't would be great with some stats per player (as in player 1, 2, 3 etc), like; Player 1: 12 shots / 2 goals / 25 passes / 75 pass % / 5 hits / 12 penalty minutes...
Randomize groups/teams in Tournaments: Me and a couple of mates love to play the International tourney (co-op). But unless we go in and manually change the teams in the groups (which is time consuming and boring) we're always playing the same teams, in the same order, every time. This hasn't changed one bit since at least NHL 08.
A simple click to randmoize the teams in the group stage would be so easy to implement, but such an improvement.

In-game player switching.
In this year's game the player switching feels somewhat more defensive than last years game.
As soon as your team has lost the puck and you switch player (R2/RT) you're most likely going to switch to one of your defenders, even if you have a chasing player up close.
While this can be handy at times, you (EA) already have a mechanism for switching to your defender; Holding R2/RT (as opposed to tapping it); So really no need to be so defensive on the regular switch (tap)
This mechanism is working great, and should be used for the offensive as well, which is noticable weak when you're playing co-op with HUM team mates.
(Your human team mate has the puck, and two wingers are skating up the ice for a breakaway, but you keep switching between the defenders closest to the puck).

So it should be tweaked to something like
On the defense (opponent has the puck).
Tap R2/RT: Switch between players closest to the puck, even a chasing player.
Hold R2/RT: Switch between defenders (players closest to your own goal).

On the offense (your team has the puck).
Tap R2/RT: Switch between players closest to the puck.
Hold R2/RT: Switch between wingers/forwards (players closest to opponents goal).

I like how the sliders this year seems more effective, but still like to see a greater range in them. When a sliders is set on 0 it should really ineffective, while on max it should be over the top effective.
Think about hitting for example. Even on 1 or 0, it's real easy to lay out loads of big hits every game.
# 14 tabulaRasa @ 01/17/11 07:03 AM
IN HUT make it possible to manange your team and access the store and trading part thru your Smart phone or online on the PC.

Better database searches, and management of collections in HUT, search criterias etc. HUT really needs that.

Quiting in tournaments gives you and loss and the none quiting player a Win.

Longer Carrers in general.

Online leagues as deep as 2Ks.
# 15 Eski33 @ 01/17/11 02:00 PM
I would like classic teams, players and more classic jerseys....
# 16 allstar3970 @ 01/18/11 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by GlennN
For the offline franchise player (like me):
1) Better tracking of player stats (especially career), awards, etc.
2) Goalies who perform for users according to ratings
3) Add/fix goalie fatigue
4) Add a slider for the amount of after the whistle pushing and shoving
5) Ability to edit any time in franchise (including the draft pool)
6) Add chemistry between lines, like in HUT
7) Put back ability to turn off autosave
as an offline player you took the words out of my mouth. I'd like to see more game to game tracking (maybe a "game log" like Yahoo or ESPN have for each player) this way I can see who's on hot streaks of late, etc.

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