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2K Sports has just released the reasoning behind the further delayed NBA 2K11 PC patch. Check out what Ronnie had to say.

"Hey guys,

Sorry to report (and thank you so much for those understanding in the delay, the long arduous process that it is to get a PC Patch approved) that a crash was detected in the disc version of the patch that will further delay the release of the PC Patch. Thankfully, because it looks isolated to the disk version, we will likely not have to go through the process of resubmitting to each of the DD's and this should only go through the fix and QA process.

Remember, we can't release a patch without 99% of where users get the game (across DD's, disc versions, etc.) having approved the patch. If we did, everyone else who didn't have the patch would crash because of backwards compatibility issues (old versions would crash on existence of new version). Obviously, people who bought the disk represent a good portion of people with the game so we can't do that until it's ready.

I am sorry about this. But I am also trying my best to be honest with you guys so you get an understanding of the depth of this process. I tell you that we've finished it when we have because that's the truth. I am hoping it gives you some background to our business, something other companies won't do. I will continue to keep you posted on Twitter and the forums."

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# 1 nccomicfan @ 01/19/11 04:43 PM
thus ensuring I will never purchase another 2k Sports PC product again
# 2 ThaShark28_316 @ 01/19/11 04:49 PM
they struggled with the patch last yr for pc (i had it last year)....so it's sad that they still can't shake this issue.
# 3 Goffs @ 01/19/11 05:41 PM
I'm still buying the game...i just need my courts and players to be accurate...mod ftw
# 4 Peter_OS @ 01/19/11 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by nccomicfan
thus ensuring I will never purchase another 2k Sports PC product again
This is B**** S***!

I want my money back.
# 5 mucusfriend @ 01/20/11 03:16 AM
I can accept the total lack of support or online modes because the pc version is much cheaper than the consoles' one.
I cannot accept their behavior (excuses for delaying the patch, vague timeline etc). 2k is trying to kill pc gaming, see what they do with Bioshock 2. Well, we have modding communities whereas your beloved consoles have... whatever.
Some OS administrator will probably delete this thread, they cannot accept >1 pc related per year.
# 6 bamalam @ 01/20/11 06:27 AM
the last 2k nba that 2k ever makes on pc will be a cult classic for years to come. i will continue to support them for as long as they make it on pc because of the editability. guys will be on here crying when there is no pc game at all, go read choop threads-

fortunately, we have reditor, and other tools to edit on pc.


for $30, you cant beat the price. great game as is for the price.

Still, it is keystone cops when it comes to their patching for pc, and their excuses are lame.
# 7 manustyle90 @ 01/20/11 07:08 AM
thank god we have modding. 2k should take a look at a modded version of nba2k11 and then think about how much the pc community does for this game...and how much they are fooling all of us pc gamers.
# 8 LHead2 @ 01/21/11 05:04 PM
They need to cut some of the digital distributors. When you release a game over that wide a swath of distributors, who each need their own specific patch for their own specific .exe, it's simply too inefficient to count on each and every one of them ensuring a speedy and snag-free release. Look at a game like New Vegas. It was only released via Steam and retail (which required Steam authentication), and it was able to get quick patches out the week of release. I'm not saying 2K should take that exact approach, but they definitely should cut out the smaller DDs that very few people buy from.

And to people who say it's not worth it, I disagree. For half the price, I'm more than willing to put up with this crap. I'll just sit here enjoying my mods while you all toss out your game in July.
# 9 Nza @ 01/22/11 01:03 AM
IMO, it's time for publishers to embrace a "steam or noone" online distribution model. Lets face it - it's the best there is and should be the standard.
# 10 Goffs @ 01/22/11 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Nza
IMO, it's time for publishers to embrace a "steam or noone" online distribution model. Lets face it - it's the best there is and should be the standard.
i agree 100%!!

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