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Activision has not found a buyer for game-development studio Bizarre Creations and thus has recommended closure, according to UK-based website Develop.

While there was some hope that Bizarre would find a new home during the interim period between being "put on notice" and being officially closed, the studio behind Project Gotham Racing and Blur looks to be nearing its end. Since Activision has now recommended closure, Bizarre Creations will inevitably have to accept.

Coddy Johnson, Activision Worldwide Studiosí chief operating officer, told Develop that recommending closure was a last resort.

"I want to be clear, our first choice was to try and keep this group together and find a buyer for the studio," he said. "This decision comes after a few months of exhausted examination of a number of different options across the board."

Gamasutra also received word from a UK Activision representative that inquiries about purchasing Bizarre have dried up.

"A UK Activision representative confirmed to Gamasutra reports that time is up for the Liverpool-based studio to find a buyer, as chances of a new owner have diminished to virtually nil."

Source - Activision recommends Bizarre closure (Develop)

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# 1 jyoung @ 01/19/11 05:25 PM
Project Gotham, Geometry Wars, The Club, Fur Fighters, Blur.

Pretty much everything these guys put out was high quality.

Shame that guys like this go under but EA Tiburon stays intact.
# 2 av7 @ 01/19/11 05:48 PM
Seemed like Blur came out at the wrong time with Modnation. Wonder what it would've been like had they released at a different time.
# 3 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/19/11 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by av7
Seemed like Blur came out at the wrong time with Modnation. Wonder what it would've been like had they released at a different time.
I personally think they would have been better off sticking with the PGR formula.
# 4 Wiffyjustus @ 01/19/11 06:43 PM
I kinda think racing games just lost their pulling power for some reason.

I've got PGR4 and Burnout Paradise. Both awesome games that I rarely ever play. I have never really considered another racing game since.
# 5 jyoung @ 01/19/11 06:58 PM
The problem is the market is flooded right now with realistic racers. Not realistic in terms of gameplay, but in design and aesthetic.

Blur would have been better off with a more outlandish aesthetic instead of trying to make everything photo-realistic.

That would have helped Blur stand out in a crowded racing market.
# 6 JMD @ 01/20/11 08:19 AM
I was hoping Microsoft would have bought Bizzare. I really want a new PGR game. Would love to see and updated remake of PGR 2, the best racing game of all time.

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