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is a patch and a roster update away from being a modern classic.

There has been speculation that a roster update may appear after the NBAís February trade deadline, but thatís all it is: speculation. What we know is that NBA Jam, to date, has received no post-release support, and there is no word from EA Sports on the future of the game.

And thatís a shame because NBA Jam could be a future all-star with a few tweaks to its game.

Fixing CPU AI

On defense, your CPU teammate proves incapable of defending dunks because of an AI glitch. As of now the CPU jumps to contest the slam after the ball has gone through the rim.

On offense, your CPU teammate has an added "delay" to his release whenever you tell him to shoot. As a result, telling your teammate to shoot results in a block 90 percent of the time.

The "delayed release" on CPU jump shots is much worse for CPU teams. All CPU teams release jump shots on the way down, making it far too easy to block the other teamís shots.

CPU defenders also exhibit strange behavior on defensive rebounds; they run to stand at the free-throw line while the ball is in the air, leaving the paint unguarded. This AI tendency makes offensive rebounding too easy.

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Member Comments
# 1 Mintsa @ 01/29/11 01:17 PM
Nice article. I still haven't picked this game up.....but a roster update would mke me change my mind.
# 2 cheesesteak @ 01/31/11 03:31 AM
agree w/ pretty much everything in the article. A lot of that stuff is what prevents me from playing by myself. I only play when friends are over as that fun aspect makes up for all the downfalls of JAM. *sigh* EA...
# 3 Raheemdadream @ 02/04/11 08:08 PM
So true. The sad part is EA is delusional about improving or updating the game.
# 4 FlyRice @ 02/05/11 02:46 AM
I bet if it stayed as a downloadable title it would have received more sales.
# 5 Raheemdadream @ 03/05/11 10:37 PM
Can someone at OS reach someone at EA Canada to see what the true story is? On EA forums it's so bad and there are so few answers mods don't even go there. FB same thing. Everyone is demanding and NO info is being given. Get some answers from us OS!

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