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Most of you read about Hans Smith, earlier in the week, from Jon Robinson of ESPN The Gamer.

Kotaku's Owen Good has posted another great read on him, right here. Make sure you check it out.

"Smith has cerebral palsy, a disability that manifests itself by early childhood at the latest. A decade before most boys grapple with the reality they aren't ever going to make the majors, Smith had to come to terms with the fact he'd never even step foot on the diamond.

Three years ago, MLB The Show was first introducing its Road to the Show career mode. Create yourself in the game, the TV ad said, tour the minor leagues, and fight to reach the majors. It dawned on Smith that this was more of an opportunity than a game. He sold his original Xbox and all his games to pick up a PS3 and The Show. He might never play baseball, but that didn't mean he would never become a baseball player.

"My friends thought I was crazy," Smith said. "I said, you don't get it, I'm not a gamer, I'm a baseball player."

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Member Comments
# 1 yougo1000 @ 01/29/11 06:23 PM
Wow, that is really touching.
# 2 countryboy @ 01/29/11 06:35 PM
Awesome....awesome read!
# 3 Heroesandvillains @ 01/29/11 06:38 PM
Heart wrenching...

Steve, thanks for sharing this.
# 4 Doormat @ 01/29/11 06:45 PM
I wonder if they added commentary for his character.
# 5 Skyboxer @ 01/29/11 07:56 PM
Awesome read.....
# 6 EnigmaNemesis @ 01/29/11 10:04 PM
Great story! Very touching.

Thanks SCEA, and thanks Steve for posting!
# 7 DJ @ 01/29/11 11:42 PM
Really helps you put things into perspective when you read articles like this.
# 8 NYJin2009tm @ 01/30/11 04:17 AM
Originally Posted by countryboy
Awesome....awesome read!
Sorry got to copy you ...those were the exact words that came to my mind when I read this...Awesome just awesome!
# 9 pay26 @ 01/30/11 10:22 AM
# 10 HITTERSAURUS REX @ 01/30/11 10:02 PM
I said it before on the ESPN writeup and I will express my thoughts even more on this post. First it was a wonderful and Awe Inspiring read. SCEA MLB people deserve some type of Humanity Award and/or World wide televised recoginition along with Han Smith (and other great individuals conquering this real life curveball,) helps lift his/their everyday spirits by taking part of SCEA authentic MLB virtual sports representation, while modern day medicine works just as hard searching for a cure.
# 11 captainphildo @ 01/31/11 12:04 AM
STANDING O for Hans, the Man, the Myth, the Legend!!!
# 12 Cusefan @ 01/31/11 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by captainphildo
STANDING O for Hans, the Man, the Myth, the Legend!!!
That dude is easily the most hardcore gamer I have ever heard of. To get injured in a video game, sit out every game in real time, and watch every single game your not playing is ridiculous.
# 13 DickDalewood @ 01/31/11 08:24 AM
Wow, what a cool story. Thanks Steve!

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