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Tourney Promo Contest:

backdoorsauce25 - $40

catcatch22 - $20

chanandaler - $20

DNutty 01 - $20

Fiddy - $300

fretburner18 - $5

Gi1jam024 - $10

humaca80 - $15

imbrockway - $5

joepsu0985 - $40

Leightsaber - $5

nVschultz1325 - $15

pf8363 - $120

scott22373 - $60

tschultzy03 - $20

tw0d1ce - $10

waynejn04 - $20

WizeguyCZ - $10

xboxfreak - $35

Congratulations to all winners and participants! The money is already in your accounts, from which you can withdraw it or continue playing with it to try and win more!

On Going Points Competition:

Fiddy - Winning an Apple iPad and MLB 2k11 for XBOX 360!

Birdman-prr-prr - Winning an Apple iPod Touch!

scott22373 - Winning MLB: The Show '11!

How it works:

Everyone starts off with 100 points. You then wager those points in head2head matches or in tournaments against your friends in the games you love! You also get bonuses for posting your results on facebook or twitter, and for every 5 games you play. Once you get enough points, you can redeem them for awesome prizes. Here's the prizes we have left:

Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook
for 13000 points

Dr. Dre Beats earbuds
for 6000 points

XBOX or PS3 game of your choice
for 3000 points

Some users have won up to 6000 points in a single day! Get in the action on OS Matchup and win awesome prizes and cash for playing your favorite sports games.

Stay tuned for another contest with great prizes starting tomorrow!

Member Comments
# 1 OS Matchup @ 02/01/11 11:17 AM
FYI - We integrated with Moneybookers.com first because of their international support, and the size of our international community. We're quickly adding paypal support, but if you would prefer to withdraw you winnings there, just send a request through the Help & Support tab.
# 2 pf8363 @ 02/01/11 02:05 PM
no ipod touch's left?
# 3 N51_rob @ 02/01/11 02:38 PM
WOW! Fiddy is making a killing.
# 4 rspencer86 @ 02/02/11 09:28 AM
I heard Fiddy quit his job and is officially retired. Congrats!
# 5 Fiddy @ 02/02/11 10:19 AM
Those are just rumors.

But I did do some work lol

Total of $740 in cash, Won Turtle Beach x41's, Cashed in points for an iPad and MLB 2K11 Preorder!!

Not bad for playing NHL 11 for 2 weeks eh?
# 6 Brandwin @ 02/02/11 10:30 AM
Nice! I don't seem to have the time it takes to get some good stuff, nor do i have any of the games. Congrats, Fiddy.
# 7 Fiddy @ 02/02/11 09:50 PM
The trick was to get those wins in the high point tournaments etc.

Hopefully OS Matchup gets the order in on that iPad tonight. The old lady itching to get a hold of that lol. Laptop crapped out a while back and we both hate our desktop.

edit - both have been ordered. iPad will be here on the 8th and MLB 2K11 around March 9th or 10th.

thanks OS Matchup..

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