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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all excited about the upcoming release of Fight Night Champion coming March 1st and ready to experience the best boxing game ever made! Can’t wait for March 1st? In that case, look out for the Fight Night Champion Demo releasing in the first week of February on XBOX LIVE and on the PLAYSTATION NETWORK!

As the game will feature an all-new control scheme titled Full Spectrum Punch Control, I wanted to outline the controls for those new to the game and for those returning to highlight the changes.

Full Spectrum Punch Control

Simply put, FSPC allows you to use the Right Stick to throw punches. Flicking the Right Stick to the Left will throw punches with your left hand, while flicking the Right Stick to the Right will throw punches with your right hand.

When you flick the stick at different angles, the boxer will throw different punches. Flicking the Right Stick Upwards will throw Straight punches, flicking the Right Stick to the Side will throw Hooking punches and flicking the Right Stick Downwards will throw Uppercut punches. As you flick the Right

Stick in different directions, the boxer will throw a variety of Straights, Overhand Hooks, Hooks, Hookercut andUppercut punches.

Punch Modifiers

To throw any of these punches to the body, simply hold down the Lean/Body Punch Modifier. If you are Leaning Forward your punches will go to the body. If you are Leaning Backward or to the Side, your punches will go to the head.

To add a more Power to your punches hold down the Heavy Punch Modifier. Any punch can be thrown heavy, including your Straight punches. Heavy punches do more damage, but take more energy and are a little slower to reach the target and string together in combination.

Button Punching

If punching with the Right Stick doesn’t suit you. The Face Buttons can be used to throw the basic Straights, Hooks andUppercut punches also. Use the Body Punch Modifier and Heavy Punch Modifier with the face buttons the same way you would with the Right Stick.

Stepping Punches

Stepping Punches can be used close the distance to your opponent with an attack. Pushing Towards the opponent with the Left Stick and Punching will automatically perform a Stepping Punch if the opponent is outside your punching range.

Stepping Punches also do a little more damage because of the increased body weight behind them, but they can be easy to see coming, defended and possibly countered.

Counter Punches

Counter Punching is a very effective weapon in Fight Night Champion. Catching your opponent when most vulnerable means your punches do more damage. Use defensive techniques to avoid or deflect your opponent’s attack and counter them before they’ve recovered.

Blocking, leaning, weaving and stepping (below) can all be used to make your opponent miss and create opening for a counterpunch.


Everything a boxer does in the ring requires Stamina. The Stamina Meter displays the boxer’s Current andMaximum Stamina Levels. The Current Stamina Level is displayed in Yellow. The Maximum Stamina Level is displayed in Black.

Current Stamina depletes and regenerates quickly, allowing a boxer to fight with optimum efficiency in short bursts. Maximum Stamina depletes slowly and only regenerates between rounds. The amount of Maximum Stamina recovered between rounds is affected by the level of exertion in the previous round.

Reflexive Blocking

Reflexive Blocking is a new blocking system for Fight Night Champion. There are 2 types of reflexes involved with Reflexive Blocking: yours and your boxer’s.

Your reflexes are involved if you want to anticipate or react to your opponent’s attack and press Block. If you are quick enough, you will Block the punch and create a very brief Counter Punch opportunity.

Your boxer’s reflexes come into play if you want to Cover Up. Each boxer’s Reflexes and Block Strength ratings determine their proficiency at reacting to incoming punches. The longer you Cover Up, the more your Block Strength and Reflexes will decay, meaning that punches will more frequently penetrate your guard. Also, Movement Speed is slightly slower if you are Covering Up.

In both cases, there is no need to choose a blocking direction. If you or your boxer’s Reflexes are up to the task your boxer will move their arms to the right spot. This allows you to throw punches while holding down the Block, making the transition from Defense to Offensive a little quicker.

Head Movement

Head Movement allows you to Slip, Duck andAvoid incoming punches. To move your head, Hold Down the Lean Modifier and use the Left Stick. Holding Down the Lean Modifier will plant your boxer’s feet, so you can’t move around the ring and move your head simultaneously.

Making your opponent miss by moving your head out of the way of an incoming punch will create a very brief Counter Punch opportunity.

Weaving and Stepping

Moving your feet is just as important as moving your head and your hands. A variety of Weaves and Steps can be performed using the Left Stick.

To perform a Weave, Move the Left Stick in a Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise direction Towards Your Opponent. Your boxer will step forward and move their head from side-to-side. Weaves allow you to close the distance to your opponent and avoid incoming fire.

Quick Steps Forward, Backward and to either Side can be performed by Flicking the Left Stick in those directions. Side Steps can be particularly effective in avoiding punches and keeps you in striking range for a Counter Punch.

Clinching and Pushing

Clinching can be used to tie your opponent up and prevent them from throwing punches. To Clinch press the Push and Heavy Punch Modifier buttons at the same time. Timing is essential to successful clinching. If your opponent is in midst of punching a Clinch attempt will fail.

Pushing can be used to get separation between you and your opponent or to break out of a clinch if your opponent has grabbed you. To Push, press the Push Button.

Getting Up

One good punch can still put you on the canvas. If you’re not knocked out cold, you’ll be in the Get-Up Game.

To start Getting Up, Push to the Left or Right on the Left Stick to orient your boxer’s perspective. Once you’ve centered your vision, Push and Hold Up on the Right Stick to stand up.

The more times you’ve been knocked down, the tougher it gets to center your perspective and keep your balance once you’re there. Don’t rush it if you have been on the canvas more than once.

Source - Fight Night Champion Blog - Controls Tutorial (Fight Night Champion Blog)

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