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Check out the new MLB 2K11 Developer Diary. Senior Producer, Mark Little discusses dynamic player ratings, presentation and more.

"To describe the system in one sentence: the Dynamic Player Rating system (DPRS for short) dynamically adjusts player ratings to represent recent performance. It is simple to say but it is a little more complicated to do. Iím going to walk through the basics of how we do this.

To begin with, the only way to make a player play better or worse than normal is to adjust up or down the ratings for the player. Albert Pujols is a beast at the plate because his contact and power ratings make him amazing. So, when we adjust player ratings, we adjust how the game will play with that player. The end goal of the DPRS is to determine how and when to adjust player ratings to represent their recent performance."

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Member Comments
# 1 econoodle @ 02/03/11 01:18 PM
outstanding blog this time!
love this dynamic ratings thing!

the franchise part especially

thanks steve for getting this up quickly.
# 2 WazzuRC @ 02/03/11 01:22 PM
Sounds awesome, hopefully it works a lot better than DNA in NBA Live.

Starting to get (cautiously) very excited for this game.
# 3 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/03/11 01:22 PM
And what does Evan Longoria think of Dynamic Ratings....

# 4 NINJAK2 @ 02/03/11 01:32 PM
LOL. Nice vid and good read.
# 5 econoodle @ 02/03/11 01:33 PM
also, noticed that a Franchise blog is coming.

and in some of the pics of the playr cards, there was 'POTENTIAL' and 'HEALTH STATUS' didnt notice that in 2k10.
# 6 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/03/11 01:47 PM
If this engine works as Mark Little claims, it should really make for some interesting games. I love the idea of HOT & COLD streaks & the way they will be capturing that data.

You also can see the Stadium specific Cameras @ work in the screens he posted.. Nice
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 02/03/11 01:52 PM
I'm glad to get some clarification of the DPRS in Franchise. I had incorrectly assumed it took values from real life. I think it was the wording of the feature. I'm cautiously optimistic about how well it'll work, though.
# 8 foofighter2455 @ 02/03/11 01:53 PM
I'm wondering what this means for online... Will they do the usual two weeks or so with an update? Will they take a snapshot of one of these dynamic rosters to upload or will they continue to have one of their staff give guys small bumps every week or two?
# 9 The Living Legend @ 02/03/11 01:56 PM
Love the vid, but the gameplay or cutscenes should i say, i dont know what to think, i think i am going to reserve judgement till i see actual gameplay, if that ever comes out.
# 10 anchorsteamer @ 02/03/11 02:10 PM
The video showed off some good camera angles that I hope will be featured in the actual gameplay. Implementing the real world performance would be awesome if it works, especially for us Xboxers who want something to take away the sting of no Show.
# 11 Dazraz @ 02/03/11 02:12 PM
First bit of info about this game that gives us something to get excited about.
# 12 Blazzen @ 02/03/11 02:29 PM
So far so good. Took them long enough but that was a good developer diary. I'm looking forward to franchise and especially the fielding diary where it explains more about the new fly ball system.
# 13 myghty @ 02/03/11 02:31 PM

But in seriousness, this has peeked my interest. Want to see more.
# 14 The GIGGAS @ 02/03/11 02:36 PM
Originally Posted by myghty
That image is amazing.
# 15 Doormat @ 02/03/11 02:51 PM
THIS is what I want to read from 2K, can't wait!
# 16 franko3219 @ 02/03/11 03:04 PM
After reading the blog, one of the things that I am excited about amongst others is that it sounds like you will actually need to use strategy when in the offseason when talking about your roster. It sounds like as players get older they will be on a lot of cold streaks which will force you to make a decision on their trade value and value to the team. It finally adds some roster strategy to the game, rather than just keeping your roster the same until your players retire.
# 17 onlybygrace @ 02/03/11 03:14 PM
So, let me get this straight.

When you are playing in Franchise (Not MLB Today) will there be streaks still. Does the game have 'built in' knowledge that some players start off slow and heat up later or...?
# 18 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 02/03/11 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by onlybygrace
So, let me get this straight.

When you are playing in Franchise (Not MLB Today) will there be streaks still. Does the game have 'built in' knowledge that some players start off slow and heat up later or...?
It's like this. Last year, sometimes you'd have a guy that usually hits like .330 end up hitting just .279. Basically this system would take into account that that batter is struggling and his ratings would be reduced.

My question is this. Does this really impact the game that much, or does it just look good? If I'm Prince Fielder and I'm a great power hitter but lately I haven't been driving the ball and my Power ratings dip into the 60's for example, how does that guy ever break out of that slump? I'm a little skeptical because it almost seems like the ratings don't really mean anything if a guy with 50 contact and 60 power can all of a sudden start killing the ball and have his power bump up into the 80's.
# 19 Trevytrev11 @ 02/03/11 03:21 PM
Sounds good. Looks like they have taken steps to prevent this from having random, huge swings and I like the fact that you have to fight through a slump to get hot...it just doesn't automatically turn off or on.
# 20 NINJAK2 @ 02/03/11 03:38 PM
I wonder if the DPR will affect fielding as well. For example Jeter has a bad couple of weeks fielding the ball suffering a rash of errors. Will that rating decrease as well?

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