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Now that you've had several days to play the demo -- what has it done to change your perception of the game?

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# 1 ps3veron @ 02/08/11 11:54 AM
After solidly testing and playing this beat since the release, I'd say I am pretty impressed.

Although the core remains the same and it didn't quite blow my socks away; The graphics and controls seem crispier and tighter.

Let's not judge the commentary since we're assessing a demo but overall a buy for me.
# 2 Chef Matt @ 02/08/11 12:11 PM
The online gym stuff is what's really selling me. The gameplay is good for my liking, but I'm really looking forward to getting in on an OS gym. Should be a ton of fun.
# 3 Miguelito Kache305 @ 02/08/11 12:17 PM
I Dont know about this one, I liked the Graphics and the new Controls... But thats about it... the Introduction and the Presentation is the Same as Round 4, The Commentary Sucks I Dont Care if Is a Demo I would off Prefer If they would off Muted the Demo...

Now Since I Liked the Controls And the Graphics Including Gameplay
I Score the Game as It is a 6 out 10...
I Wont buy Fight Night Campion unles the Commentary get Fixed ohh and the Simulation Its Just not there... Theres No Strategy Need it for FNC... Just Punch and Land as Much as U Can to Win.. IM Very Dissapointed...
# 4 fzdoom @ 02/08/11 12:21 PM
I dont like the new controls at all. Making the semi-circles to throw hooks and uppercuts was perfect. Now they virtually turned the analog stick into button mashing. Very disappointed. I will NOT be buying this year's version.
# 5 Dazraz @ 02/08/11 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by ps3veron
After solidly testing and playing this beat since the release, I'd say I am pretty impressed.

Although the core remains the same and it didn't quite blow my socks away; The graphics and controls seem crispier and tighter.

Let's not judge the commentary since we're assessing a demo but overall a buy for me.
I have no doubt that the commentary will be just as bad in the full game.
The graphics have improved & I'm liking the controls. Hopefully next time around EA will invest some time in the presentation.
# 6 CoreyMac @ 02/08/11 12:23 PM
+New Controls
-Stamina still stinks
-Too fast, feels like more of a button masher than R3 and R4
-Punches don't feel like they do damage like previous games

This game is really not worth $60 to me. I'll hold off and save my money for Tiger Woods 12, & MLB The Show
# 7 Chivers688 @ 02/08/11 12:36 PM
Poor as a simulation, good fun to play.
# 8 brrmikey @ 02/08/11 12:49 PM
Now playing more of the demo. I agree the commentary and presentation are lacking. Presentation wise I was hoping for things like:
- Tony Atlas or someone else reading and analyzing the tale of the tape.
- An announcer saying the pre-fight specifics: "Fighting out of the red corner, hailing from by way of.." "with a record of x wins x losses x wins by knockout.."Manny Pacman Pacquiao"
- For fights that go the distance...an announcer saying "We go to the scorecards.." "Fictional name or even "Judge 1" scores the bout x to x, Judge 2 scores the bout....so forth and so on"

...pretty much, I was looking to hear stuff like on HBO saturday nights. Presentation goes a long way.
# 9 BezO @ 02/08/11 01:01 PM
Based on info & vids, I probably wasn't buying FNC and the demo did nothing to change that. I just don't see 2 years of work, but probably because my main concerns weren't addressed. Footwork & stationary camera. I like the improvements but think not enough was done on the defensive side.
# 10 1WEiRDguy @ 02/08/11 01:23 PM
I like the "analog" punch system...its seems more refined and really allowed me to throw the punches i wanted instead of the semi circle pattern in FN4...Even my XBL buddies who are traditional button mashers like how crisp the punches seem to be

I like that the AI (me playing as Tyson, cpu Ali) seemed to be actually fighting with some sore of skill set instead of me just sitting back waiting to counter

Graphics and fighter models looked really GOOD...FN4 started it, and Champion picks up where they left off..

Pretty much what everyone else has said about the presentation...hasnt that been the same commentary since Knockout Kings??

I dont like they include auto block...if there is a way to turn it off in the final build, then this will wont be a con

Played a couple of matches against a couple of XBL buddies, and it seemed one guy always managed to land a power punch but i was always a tad slow with mine...i dont know if it was a connection issue, but it seemed he found a way to bring back the haymaker (which if im not mistaken, they were removed)

Overall...im still on the fence if im gonna buy it when it comes out...but i was impressed by the demo
# 11 JohnDoh @ 02/08/11 01:35 PM
It felt an awefully lot like an arcade fighter. the controls weren't bad but the action seemed blurred and furious. Not a fan = won't buy.
# 12 statum71 @ 02/08/11 01:49 PM
Wasn't gonna buy at first. Actually don't play boxing much anymore.

But I do like the new camera angles and the punches stick really good. So I've decided to get it.

(Still disappointed in the presentation)
# 13 Bp2 Triz @ 02/08/11 02:34 PM
after playing fnr4 i kinda got turned off by the series. played the demo for this game and its an awesome game.. pre ordered from amazon for $60 with free shipping on release day.. cant beat it
# 14 tcrews @ 02/08/11 03:48 PM
I originally intended this to be a day 1 purchase. I put it on my Gamefly Q a long time ago, and I'm glad I did. I always do that as a safeguard for me in case a demo underwhelms me, I can't get to a store, etc.

In the case of Fight Night Champion. The demo was severely underwhelming. I had really high hopes for this game as I love boxing. Unfortunately, there are about a dozen things for me that, if they cannot be fixed via sliders or a patch. Would make me absolutely regret spending $60 on it.

If it plays 100% like the demo and the sliders aren't enough to make noticeable differences (speed, stamina). Then I'm going to end up being really disappointed with it. The foundation for a great game is there, don't get me wrong. I just feel as though they're trying too hard to appeal to every type of crowd. It ends up feeling like a 1/3 sim, 1/3 casual, 1/3 arcade mess of a boxing game.
# 15 jjsmitty34 @ 02/08/11 04:08 PM
+ Graphics (greatest looking Boxing Game Ever)
+ New Punching (very quick & easy to use)
+ Championship mode in theory (it's a start on a deeper legacy mode)
+ Online Gyms (Great for me and my friends, I can already hear the smack talking)

- Too small of a Ring (it would be great to be able to choose this)
- Punches lack snap (I guarantee if Mike Tyson hits you with a flush overhand right, your going down)
- Footwork is sluggish (No Float like a butterfly in this version)
- Ref not active enough (Please put some life into them)
- Lifeless corner man (its a M rated game, Cuss, shout & even hit me)
- A rehashed Legacy mode (just drop it and add everything to the championship mode, DUH)
- No Dieting, No realistic training, (Please just follow boxers road format in this reguard)

I'm going to have a "Wait and see approach to this game"

Wait for the patches and see if they help or hurt the game...
# 16 breakitdown @ 02/08/11 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by Chivers688
Poor as a simulation, good fun to play.
Exactly, when i first played the game immediately i saw improvement in the graphics and camera movement and when i threw my first few punches i thought wow punching feels a lot more realistic, but as soon as you get into it u realise its not very realistic at all, its unfortunate because i know they can do better, people want simulation but they think people want arcade
# 17 stcloudgopher @ 02/08/11 05:00 PM
Instead of echoing certain sentiments, I would say that the demo really needed to "Wow" me into buying this game. I dabbled with Round 4, but have pretty much fallen out of the fighting genre as a whole. There is way too much repetition, the career mode seems stale (though maybe this is the year that changes) and overall this series is underwhelming.

New controls -- even though it does seem to favor mashers.
Graphics -- this are has rarely been a concern to me, but it's a pretty game.

Footwork remains an issue. I fear it always will be.
Demo was too short. Seriously, it's time to allow a full fight/game on these demos. There is so much to a boxing match that will never bare itself in three measly rounds.
Knockdowns/One-punch KOs -- Alright, it may be picking nits, but this has never looked right. It seems like the same three falls on rotation. The struggling to the feet. It just never feels like something big happened. Same goes for post fight celebrations and the atmosphere as a whole.
# 18 breakitdown @ 02/08/11 05:06 PM
I really hope the spend more time working on the game i dont care if they have to push the date back just make it good. I think instead of spending time on improving fighting in the ring the concentrated more on the story mode of the game and it shows. theres hardly any improvement over FNR4
# 19 Jukeman @ 02/08/11 05:44 PM
its the last option for me even tho it sounded harsh

I need to play the full version via rent before i decide to buy it.

Graphic and controls seems cool but the game was a slug fest compare to the sliders I was using in FNR4, thats why I need to judge the full game..
# 20 Bryzine21 @ 02/08/11 07:23 PM
This game shows only slight improvement over FN4. The analog controls are really just button mashing and the timing of the stamina bar is off. My 8 year old nephew beat me just my pressing the controls as fast as he could. I WAS excited about this game but i probably won't be buying it any time soon or maybe even later.

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