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# 1 DJ @ 02/10/11 09:13 AM
Nice work. I really enjoyed watching that. I'm looking forward to running the All-Star Game myself here soon.
# 2 N51_rob @ 02/10/11 09:34 AM
Pretty cool. Loved the addition of the Saw music in the background. Well done.
# 3 Pared @ 02/10/11 10:26 AM
Very nice. Much nicer than the other one.

One thing that is done very well is bad footage is never used. You never see guys going through each other or anything goofy.

Makes the game look better than it really is in this aspect, actually.
# 4 youvalss @ 02/10/11 10:27 AM
Very nice! Love the music, really nice.
# 5 DaggerSwagger @ 02/10/11 10:37 AM
this dude is "INCREDIBLE" when it comes to making these videos...good work
# 6 jeebs9 @ 02/10/11 11:32 AM
Down right SICK!... But I agree with Pared very clean work.
# 7 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/10/11 11:37 AM
Damn that was sick! Everything looks so clean and smooth. Really shows off how the great job 2k did this year. Very nicely done!
# 8 D-Hiatus @ 02/10/11 01:18 PM
Yo Shady00018 you are that dude when it comes to these 2K promos!! I'm gonna have to get some tips from you on Hardware and what-not! Keep up the stellar work!
# 9 The Yurpman @ 02/10/11 07:49 PM
Totally unrealistic, they were playing defense!

Nah, just kidding. Sick video.
# 10 parker987 @ 02/11/11 04:15 AM
Nice work, enjoyed the video
# 11 Freak123 @ 02/11/11 04:22 AM
Nice video, very smooth and really highlights the greatness of this game. This gets me pumped to play the all-star game again in season two of my association, just 5 games away until the all-star break.
# 12 misterupgrade @ 02/12/11 09:09 AM
How did you get the Air Jordan 2011s that Wade is wearing in the game????
# 13 cjallure24 @ 02/12/11 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by misterupgrade
How did you get the Air Jordan 2011s that Wade is wearing in the game????
PC mod...That video is nice. This video along with the Injuries Off video should motivate people to get the PC version next year.
# 14 SageInfinite @ 02/12/11 06:03 PM
Sick video as always.
# 15 Eski33 @ 02/15/11 07:40 AM
Nice vid...The only thing that would make the All-Star game realistic in 2K11 is to have the defensive ratings drop to ZERO...
# 16 AiRJorDan23 @ 02/15/11 08:15 AM
Sick vid and props for capturing Rose dunk on 3 guys from the West.
# 17 Bajney @ 02/15/11 02:23 PM
Great great vid. Looks so smooth and realistic. I loved watching that
# 18 LoizaPR @ 02/15/11 07:07 PM
I guest i'm late about shadys's videos skills this is a great piece of work props to you veery nice job

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