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# 1 Dazraz @ 02/12/11 02:22 AM
Certainly impressed with the way this game is looking. It seems that DIRT 3 is heading back towards a more simulation style. That said, the box art is lame & screams arcade game. Lets not judge a book by it's cover though.
# 2 lnin0 @ 02/12/11 10:54 AM
You could literally put these guys in front of Mario Kart and they would extrapolate on how 'real' it is. This is a paid performance. Nothing to see here.

Yeah, the game looks more promising than DiRT1/2 but don't kid yourself that this is anymore than lip service for all the rally fans CM has managed to loose over the past two titles. DiRT3 is not going to be a defining rally 'sim' or even close.

The CMR brand was devoted to rally, DiRT never has been and never will be. DiRT is the guy who has no personality. The guy who tries too hard to make everyone like him for something he is not rather than being who he is.
# 3 fliplm0de @ 02/12/11 11:01 AM
Dirt 3 does look great, if you guys watched the previous diary, one of the developers said he would rate it a 5/10 as far as sim goes. I think its good to hear a honest opinion from the developers, none the less still gonna be getting it cause the games are always a blast.

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