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ESPN's Jon Robinson breaks down the career mode in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters.

"One of the biggest problems I've always had playing through a career in any "Tiger" game is I never felt like I was working toward any type of goal that carried true meaning. It's not like "Madden" where I'm trying to get my team to the Super Bowl or "NBA 2K11" where I'm out to win the NBA championship. But now that EA Sports has signed an agreement with Augusta National Golf Club to finally include The Masters in "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12," looks like I finally have that meaning I was looking for (besides, I always wanted a green jacket).

"You start out as an amateur qualifying at a local event," explains producer Scott Stutsman. "That gets you onto the Nationwide Tour, then after so long you go to Q-School in order to get your PGA Tour card."

Throughout the qualification process, your golfer is growing in abilities thanks to an increase in XP. You'll also see improvements thanks to the addition of caddies who will give you advice and help you master each course.

"It's a growth process you go through, season after season, year after year," explains Stutsman. "With the eventual goal to work your way up and play The Masters."

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# 1 The Bimmer @ 02/14/11 07:19 PM
No bums allowed at Augusta, now thats awesome. Sounds good, what I like as the article states, there is a goal to shoot for now.
# 2 all4isu @ 02/14/11 08:07 PM
This sounds pretty sweet. What about the rest of the tour? Do we get to play in other tournaments yearly?
# 3 GrandMaster B @ 02/15/11 09:35 AM
That can't be the case Seymour. They are allowing DLC to be implemented in your season. You play all of the other events as usual. In the real Nationwide Tour you just need 3 wins I believe to advance to the PGA.
# 4 wcrickards @ 02/15/11 10:41 AM
One problem I've had with the TW series is that eventually, I'll start getting -18 scores a round, while my competition gets -2 or -3. Will the competition play up to us? Or will it be harder and harder to rack up those unworldly scores? I shouldn't routinely be scoring in the 50s on the hardest difficulty.
# 5 The Bimmer @ 02/15/11 12:46 PM
I kinda chuckle when so many say they shot -18, -26 in 1 round on the hardest difficulty. Simply DONT max out your golfer, play on Tour pro, true aim, and shut off the putting grid. You will not shot -18 in 1 round any more simple as that.
# 6 globalbeats7 @ 02/15/11 01:55 PM
i really hope there are camera improvements to TRUE AIM. there really is no other way to play the game, but the camera staying low and not moving when you hit the ball is frustrating.

and i agree with the post above. you CAN make the game harder, its just that people choose not to cuz they want to rip 450yd drives and shoot 57 in a round.
# 7 The Bimmer @ 02/15/11 05:46 PM
The career mode is called Road to the Masters, so you're going through multiple seasons accumulating points in the World Ranking. So there are two goals here: To actually get invited and win the Masters, and to become the No. 1 golfer in the world. So even though you can get to the Masters in a short time, it's then up to you to see how many Masters you can win while also trying to become the No. 1 golfer.

Maybe I am reading something into this that is not so. Lets say after your first season you get invited to the masters, but you dont win it, I am quite certain we would not be NO.1 in the world right? So now you would have to play the season again and see if you get invited? right? Now lets say we get invited again ( our 2nd season), but this time win it, but still do not make NO.1 in the world, we would have to play through season 3 get invited again and win back to back masters to get to NO.1 in the world (possibly)? Because I am thinking if you play with a half human created player and play on Tournament mode ( the hardest) there could be some real fun here compared to TW11 career mode which isnt that bad, but I agree not that good. If I am correct that this is how the carrer mode will work , just the change itself in the challenge will be good enough for me.
# 8 The Bimmer @ 02/16/11 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
Yeah but that's not realistic. The most recent #1 golfers are Martin Kaymer and Lee Westwood and neither have won a Masters in fact they have only have one major between them. It kinda makes winning other tourneys in the game anti-climatic.

It's like playing Madden and being told you can only be crowned Superbowl champion if you beat Pittsburgh in a playoff game on the road 1st. Makes it too gimmicky for me. And what if you make it to the PGA tour and win the Masters the 1st year and end up #1 also. That would mean your PGA season only lasts one year.
Well, I see what you are saying. I just disagree with you about the OTHER tourneys having no meaning if you win them. If points are determining your ranking wouldnt you want to win as many tourneys as possible to get the max points? Remember you have to be invited to the Masters, win it(maybe more than once) and be NO.1 in points. The Madden example , well, the Masters is the Super Bowl in E.A.'s design of the game. Its not like playing Pittsburgh every year its more like playing the Super Bowl in Pittsburgh every year, I dont have a problem with that actually. We have to be invited by points (the other tourneys) or in Madden language win the division or get the wild card. Now if winning the masters to get to NO.1 or winning the Superbowl in Madden as you put it seems boring because its at Augusta everytime, well, quite frankly I could care less if I had to play in the same stadium every year as long as I won the Lombardi Trophy.

Curious, what kinda of carrer mode would you like to see?
# 9 The Bimmer @ 02/16/11 05:14 PM
Well on the E.A. forums I read that the career mode is 10 yrs, not 5 as in TW11. So I suspect all though it may be possible to win the masters and be NO.1 all in one season, I dont think playing on Tournament mode this will be possible. Plus with a 10yr career it might well be possible that if you do hit NO.1 with a masters win we will have to maintain it through the next year, but this is speculation on my part.

I am thinking that it will take the average sim player on Tournament mode probably 3-4 seasons to hit NO.1 and have a masters under their belt. However since the article reads how many masters can you win before being NO.1 I dont think one win will neccesarily get you to the top, who knows. This will depend on the point system.

The biggest thing for me so far is the change, it will be a whole new way to play the game, even if it is not the greatest way.
# 10 rangerrick012 @ 02/16/11 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
As far I know that to get to the PGA tour you have to finish near the top of the Nationwide rankings at year end and gives you a berth to qulaiufying school. I've never heard about 3 wins and you advance. That would have to be 3 wins in a calender year although if you do that you obviously would be ranked near the top at years end.
It's called a Battlefield Promotion, win 3 Nationwide events and you're promoted to the main tour. I remember Jason Gore doing it a few years ago.


In any case, I'm just happy that some semblance of life seems to be added to Career mode this year. At least on the surface it seems like a major upgrade, even if the depth that some might want isn't necessarily there.
# 11 mwjr @ 02/17/11 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by GrandMaster B
That can't be the case Seymour. They are allowing DLC to be implemented in your season.
That's good to hear.

Originally Posted by GrandMaster B
You play all of the other events as usual.
That's how I understood it as well. You still play a regular golf season.

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