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Check out some of the new MotoGP 10/11 Mugello Circuit screenshots.

The MotoGP 10/11 demo for the PS3 arrives today. Get in a few laps and post your impressions.

"Get your hands on the most realistic MotoGP gaming experience of the series so far with a demo for MotoGP 10/11. Releasing today on PlayStation Network in North America, players will be have the chance to experience two modes on one of the 18 circuits taken from the final game. Race in a single Championship or against the clock (and your ghost) in Time Trial on the challenging Mugello circuit near Florence Italy. As in the full game, players will be able to use the new player assists feature that allows them to fully customise their bike set up, making the MotoGP gaming experience as authentic as players can handle.

The full MotoGP 10/11 game races onto PlayStation 3 March 15, 2011."

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# 1 BIG CAROLINA @ 02/15/11 10:08 AM
They have alot to prove this time around, I am about to download this with low expectations. I really hope it is good becasue we need a good MotoGP game.
# 2 JMD @ 02/15/11 05:40 PM
Been checking the PSN Store all day, still don't see the Demo.
# 3 inkcil @ 02/15/11 07:59 PM
PSN hasn't been updated
# 4 davis420 @ 02/15/11 09:08 PM
The Demo is out now.
# 5 Dazraz @ 02/16/11 08:22 AM
Just got the demo on the 360.

Only done a few races. First up, this is an improvement on the previous Moto GP games on the current generation of consoles. That said, considering how poor those games have been that's not a massive endorsement. Moto GP 10/11 looks good & sounds good. It is also evident that Capcom have at least attempted to bring a more sim experience to the game. However despite these attempts this game is still very much second best to SBK in this regard. Sure it looks better than it's counterpart but the way the bikes handle, very slippy slidy, you end up throwing your bike around & into corners rather than picking your way through the field. This arcade style of racing is reciprocated by the AI drivers who stick to their fixed racing lines despite what is happening around them.

Moto GP 10/11 is certainly worth a look but probably a try before you buy.
# 6 Kruza @ 02/18/11 08:45 AM
Thanks for your initial impressions of the MotoGP 10/11 demo, Dazraz.

The CPU AI bikes are still running on fixed racing lines? *sigh*

I have to find out how the bikes control in this game for myself, but finding out that they handle in slippery fashion doesn't lend much hope.

# 7 BIG CAROLINA @ 02/18/11 09:45 AM
It still has that jet-ski feeling and the brakes are terrible. On xboxliveaddicts they have a dev on there who interacts with the members and he stated, that the brakes are setup so that you have to use the actual breaking points that GP riders use in real life (which I like but something smells there).

Very hard to attack the corners with the brakes as is but the more I played the more I got used to it. I am still up in the air on this one as much as I want a GP game, but it just reminds me too much of last years waste with better handling.

The good thing is you can run a full race against the AI, and you can tune your bike settings (not as deep as SBK though).

Edit: The more I play the more I am enjoying it, maybe there is hope after all.

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