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Check out the latest Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters blog, which details the revamped career mode, now known as Road to the Masters.

"We have revamped the career mode this year and renamed it Road to the Masters. In this career, you will progress from a small time local player to the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, the Masters."

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# 1 GrandMaster B @ 02/16/11 11:34 AM
Awesome stuff. Can't wait.
# 2 The Bimmer @ 02/16/11 12:36 PM
Great stuff!! Game will cater to arcade players and sim players. I wonder if the "INSANELY LOW" mode will stiffle all the arcade players.
# 3 DJ @ 02/16/11 07:13 PM
Sounds good. I like that they've included a slider for AI scoring, although I'm a bit confused on what level to set it at to get "realistic" scores. I'm guessing from the screen that you'd want to be on Normal or Low, as it looks like anything under that and AI will be shooting 60 every round.
# 4 green94 @ 02/16/11 09:04 PM
LOVE that they fixed the tournament tee times... I can't wait for this game to be honest.
# 5 acreyman @ 02/16/11 09:26 PM
DLC included in career mode.......THANKS for listening! I skipped 11 because this was not in there holding out hope for 12.....and there it is!
# 6 rangerrick012 @ 02/16/11 09:50 PM
Wow, looks great. Getting closer to pre ordering this. Just one lingering question, will playoffs finally be in if the round ends in a tie? Other than that, everything looks fantastic. EA FINALLY listened to the concerns of the consumers.
# 7 rolltide1017 @ 02/17/11 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
No it was confirmed in ther EA board that if you tie then you are the winner which is unbelievably lazy on EA's part not to fix.
You have got to be f-ing kidding me. What in the world is wrong with these people at EA. I would love for them to even try and leave out overtime in Madden and just give you then win, imagine the outrage. This is essentially what they are doing to golf, leaving out our OT. I have been extremely excited for this years game, skipped last years because of the DLC not available in career mode and this issue. This bit of info has almost killed all that excitement for me.

Does EA not get the thrill or excitement that comes from the playoff holes or the extra round at a US Open. It's a huge part of the sport, when are they going to get this through their thick heads. I don't think they even watch golf because anyone who watches golf wouldn't even think about not including playoffs in the game. This is getting old that they refuse to add this. Unbelievable.
# 8 rolltide1017 @ 02/19/11 02:56 PM
You know what also pisses me off about this issue. Over on the EA forums there are many complaining about no playoffs as well and not one dev deems it worthy of a response or a simple cop out explanation. I know whatever a dev would say would not be satisfying but there silence speaks volumes; they don't care one bit about it.
# 9 orthostud23 @ 02/19/11 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
Yeah the devs are notorious over at the EA board about thier head in the sand routine but I guess it's a no win situation for them because they really have no defense.

It really is a very patchable issue as well because just having a notification at the top is already encoded in the game from the updates they have now in tourney mode but I can guarantee it won't happen because they never have issued patches before except to fix bugs. Fixing the rubberband AI from years past was very fixable with a patch but nothing was ever done. People have complained for years about putting in visible out of bound markers but it's not in this year either because the devs don't feel it's important enough even though it is so easy to put in and could be patched in this year as well.

It's just bad business prectice as gamers have complained about the lack of extra playoff holes for years and the devs know it. You would figure that last years sales downturn for the game would make them more aware of gamer's concerns and to act on it accordingly.
Excellent post!
# 10 Hurricain @ 02/19/11 11:46 PM
Looks good but no playoffs is just stupid really.

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