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Machinima has posted a series of interviews with Ramone with some gameplay in the background.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here. (Part 1 of 3)

If you can't view the embedded video, click here. (Part 2 of 3)

A few interesting tidbits that he mentioned that as far as I know have not really been talked about yet are things like the fact that ratings are adjusted based on how long a player was injured the previous season (example, Joe Nathan, who has gone from #1 closer to #6 closer after missing all of 2010), and also a new presentational element where they look at an at-bat pitch by pitch. He also went into more detail about the ticker in Franchise mode, and that it has things like top 5 pitcher stats, what hitters were hot that day, and standings.

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Member Comments
# 1 Tommyklaid @ 02/16/11 11:21 PM
Good find!
# 2 Facts @ 02/16/11 11:58 PM
Dude, all those camera angles!!! Wow, it took the football games forever to get one camera angle.
# 3 knich @ 02/17/11 12:07 AM
Is there a part 3?
# 4 McCannFann @ 02/17/11 12:39 AM
ROFL! Dude goes, "You didn't mention A-Rod. He's a pretty good base-stealer."

Ramone goes, "Eh, he's aight."

Leave it to a Yankee fan to get offended when they're not mentioned all the time.
# 5 WhiteM5 @ 02/17/11 01:17 AM
Good find sir. I just wanted them to move out of the way of that tv and watch an AB. Gorgeous lighting this year.
# 6 HawkeyMediaPlus @ 02/17/11 01:46 AM
The great thing is that all of this looks good on YouTube videos... Just imagine how much better it is going to look on your HDTV!
# 7 Shaffer26 @ 02/17/11 02:03 AM
Originally Posted by travis72
This is great news!
Ditto! So frustrating having guys like Crawford or Ichiro being picked off 8 out of 10 times.
# 8 JJT @ 02/17/11 06:19 AM
Cant wait anymore, release the game already!
# 9 NAFBUC @ 02/17/11 06:52 AM
Thanks Vin

Great interview with Ramone and fantastic game footage.
# 10 decga @ 02/17/11 06:59 AM
Very nice interview. This interview and the one with the young lady are very clear and precise. Pretty good interviewers...
# 11 ffyfe7 @ 02/17/11 07:24 AM
Cool interview but most of it has been covered before. I wouldn't mind knowing about some little things such as with injuries, if we play a player with a pulled hamstring for example, will he run differently to say when he was healthy to accomidate for the injuries? Also in replays will be see players react to big plays? Its takes away from the game when I hit a game winning HR and my team just sit there in the dugout during the replay. I know its little but they're two things that just popped into my head.
# 12 brunnoce @ 02/17/11 07:25 AM
Anyone found 3/3?
# 13 Knight165 @ 02/17/11 08:59 AM
Look at Russ sportin' the shiny dome!

# 14 Rules @ 02/17/11 09:01 AM
Can't wait
# 15 ripwalk @ 02/17/11 09:12 AM
Dear Machinima.com,

Russell is a very nice man and all, but sports video gamers are more interested in looking at the screen behind him than they are seeing a close-up of his face when he starts talking. My only beef with the video!
# 16 berenjena @ 02/17/11 10:03 AM
Loving the new player models!!

Longoria stance is spot on.
# 17 Blzer @ 02/17/11 10:07 AM
This game looks absolutely stellar! I'm really hoping it's going to find its way in places early this year, because I can't wait all the way until the 8th!
# 18 DickDalewood @ 02/17/11 10:22 AM
Really like that I can put the pitching meter where I want on the screen... and can even adjust the size of it too!
# 19 Pistolero @ 02/17/11 10:51 AM
Awesome, Evan's stance does look dead on! Game looks top notch like always!
# 20 Phillies2010 @ 02/17/11 12:49 PM
Great find! makes me even more hyped for the game this year!

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