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# 1 WDOgF0reL1fe @ 02/17/11 12:53 AM
heck yessss
# 2 clayshime @ 02/17/11 07:24 AM
Any more details about this? What's it about?

It was weird seeing my alma mater, Adrian College (a small Division III school in Michigan) in this video
# 3 simgamer0005 @ 02/17/11 11:29 AM
Steve_OS, I believe it's College LaCrosse 2011 that just came out. Looks very good. Looks like they added some animations and refined the collision.
# 4 paulitix @ 02/17/11 11:47 AM
This looks like an EA Sports GENESIS game... this better be XBLA/PSN
# 5 thescoop @ 02/17/11 03:29 PM
It is a XBLA indie game. It should be 2011. I bought 2010 last year and this one looks better. I saw it on there last night and was condsidering the upgrade. Last year's was a lot of fun. I don't follow or know a lot about LaCrosse so I can't say how good it translated the sport. Just thought for a cheap idie game it was pretty solid last year.
# 6 NoTiCe_O @ 02/17/11 04:30 PM
This looks Charles Barkley Turrible ..

Can't judge a book by its cover tho
# 7 Smallberries @ 02/18/11 02:35 AM
wrong name, Steve OS. It's LaCrosse 2011.

And no one should be hard on this game. It's fun, it's only $5, and it was created as an Xbox Live "Indie" game, which is just amazing in my book. I'm no Lacrosse expert, but I've enjoyed learning the sport. Sorta like a cross between field hockey and soccer. I played last years and was impressed although it didn't hold my attention for very long due to all the other games I was playing. Not positive, but I think that game lacked a dynasty-like mode and sports intangibles like injuries and stats/records, things that keep me interested. Anyways, I dowloaded LaCrosse 11 last night, but the demo doesn't let you go under the hood to see all the game options, so it is hard to tell if this is a big improvement (other than graphics) over last year's. I was hoping to come here to OS and find some comments/player reviews on the game. If it's hardly different from last year's, I won't part with my $5.

Still, for a small "indie" team to put this together, I'm REALLY impressed. There are some great CHEAP games on the Indies channel, rivaling stuff in the Arcade, quality-wise. Worth checking out for sure.

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