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Check out the Madden NFL 11 final roster and rating changes. Download it now for your 360 and PS3.

The online franchise roster update is available, as well.

  • Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers has reached 99 Overall! Safe to say Aaron Rodgers has arrived.
  • Over 320+ transactions, rating adjustments and depth chart moves are updated in this pre-Super Bowl roster update.
  • From the "Did You Know" department....To finish up Madden NFL 11, we have had nearly 5000+ total roster moves this year in over 20 weekly roster updates.

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# 1 daniverson1973 @ 02/17/11 04:18 PM

man, i've been super-excited waiting for this

cant wait 'til tommorrow morning!!
# 2 realone504 @ 02/17/11 06:49 PM
its bs if u r gonna put ar at 99 ovl u gotta put pm at 99 tb at 99 an db at 99 its LOOKS LIKE AR IS THE COVER BOY
# 3 ryanh04 @ 02/17/11 10:57 PM
Finally Emmanuel Sanders, Young Money, Mike Wallace and Hood gets some love
# 4 X12Celtics3 @ 02/18/11 05:20 AM
Thoughts on the Patriots:

Fred Taylor: Decreased 78 to 76. Good that he decreased, but it should have been more significant. His rating should be nowhere near Kevin Faulk's, which I believe is a 75.

Ty Warren: Was on IR all season (never played a single snap), so I'm not quite sure why he deserves a decrease... no big deal, though.

Brandon Meriweather: Decreased from 88 to 86, I like it. I'd probably put him a little bit lower, but at least they brought him down a little bit.

Jermaine Cunningham: From 74 to 76, that sounds about right.

Sebastian Vollmer: Increase from 77 to 79. I hope they put his potential back to 'A' like it was at the start of the season. The guy was a second team All-Pro selection as a second year player, and his rating was 77 overall with B potential. Since his rating still isn't that high, I really hope his potential increases.

Rob Gronkowski: 83 to 85, perfect

Devin McCourty: 86 to 87, perfect

Jerod Mayo: 89 to 91, finally he gets a good increase, good.

Deion Branch: This is my biggest problem with the update for the Pats. Branch has been about 1000000x better than Moss this season, and has been their best receiver by far. His rating should at least be in the mid 80's, but I believe its at 77 or something like that. I don't know how a player manages to play fantastic football for 3/4 of a season on a team like the Patriots and not get an update...

Also, I think that Zoltan Mesko could have used an increase, or at least A potential, but its no big deal. I also would have significantly decreased Matt Light and given Dan Conolly a boost, but for whatever reason all non-New England fans in the media seem to think that the Patriots line is fantastic all around, so the starters always get love. Vollmer is better than Light, who is a liability at this point against any player faster than a snail, and Conolly will likely be one of the starting guards with Neal most likely retiring and Mankins still not resigned long-term.
# 5 RJTurneR @ 02/18/11 05:45 AM
its bs if u r gonna put ar at 99 ovl u gotta put pm at 99 tb at 99 an db at 99 its LOOKS LIKE AR IS THE COVER BOY
English please? I can't make anything out of that..
# 6 yankeesgiants @ 02/18/11 06:51 AM
Final update is out
# 7 TomBrady @ 02/18/11 06:57 AM
Some really weird decreases. Sam Shields? Nnamdi Aasomugha? Thomas Jones? Jerome Clary? What have these guys done to deserve a downgrade?
# 8 kramner54 @ 02/18/11 10:16 AM
can someone please upload a ps3 version the final update please?
# 9 RJTurneR @ 02/18/11 10:52 AM
So Aaron Rodgers gets to 99 OVR for being the QB on the winning Super Bowl team.
Have you actually watched Aaron Rodgers? Aaron is one of the, if not THE most accurate passer in the league, and he led his team to a Super Bowl and won it while having some major injuries on the team and no run game, and he has been a good player for some years now.

Ratings go by how good a guy is, his stats, how good/successful his team is, and if they have been good for some time.

Arian Foster only broke out this year. I'm sure Donny would look stupid for rating someone 99 and then they sucked the next year. Not to mention his on a unsuccessful team.

And to back that up, AP has proved time and time again that he is a great player and deserves recognition.

Besides, Madden gives you the ability to change ratings..
# 10 ryanh04 @ 02/18/11 11:40 AM
Aaron Rodgers deserved a 99 he played great the last few years and a GREAT Superbowl. His stats would be better if it wasn't for a few drops! It's hard to say cause I'm a steeler fan but come on this guy deserves some credit.
# 11 daniverson1973 @ 02/18/11 12:11 PM
sweet update
# 12 realone504 @ 02/18/11 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by RJTurneR
English please? I can't make anything out of that..
ar = aaron rodgers pm = peyton manning db = drew brees i was in a rush
# 13 realone504 @ 02/18/11 04:28 PM
every body if u care about madden watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i2Z62zy_mA
# 14 daniverson1973 @ 02/18/11 09:03 PM
you know, i cant remember a better update from EA for Madden EVER!

this takes the cake

every freaking player is either on their team or in the FA pool

this makes the game totally usable & playable with plenty of interest over the NFL offseason

totally awesome!!!!!
# 15 kramner54 @ 02/18/11 09:33 PM
hey daniverson1973, would you mind uploading a ps3 version of the final roster? im unable to go online on the ps3 so i cant download it. ive been looking foward to the update all week. i would really appreciate it if you can do this for the small percentage of the community who cant go online.
# 16 maltliquor84 @ 02/19/11 10:33 AM
I'm just happy to see Michael Robinson and Raheem Brock on the Seahawks get some love. Michael Robinson was a 69 OVR the whole season and now he is an 80 which is where I would put him. And Raheem Brock terrorized qb's this season and got his bump into the 80s,.
# 17 TomBrady @ 02/19/11 03:09 PM
James Hall had 10.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 48 tackles, and was great all year for the Rams. Yet he still only has 80 ovr.
# 18 Hustler313420 @ 02/19/11 04:29 PM
got madden 11 used so any 1 who uploads the final roster for ps3 would be thanked
# 19 realone504 @ 02/19/11 05:32 PM
reggie bush is 96 speed he shud b be 99 wtf
# 20 str8ty @ 02/19/11 06:18 PM
can anyone please put this on a zip file or rar file please for the ps3

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