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# 1 DodgerFanatic2K3 @ 02/17/11 05:10 PM
New to me..Thanks
# 2 J-Unit40 @ 02/17/11 05:11 PM
Absolutely awesome. I wish other sports games would allow for this (specifically football and soccer). This is one of those things that takes the game up to another level and bumps up the level of immersion.

Thanks for sharing.

Getting closer fellas.....
# 3 19 @ 02/17/11 05:12 PM

Love. This. Feature.
# 4 PsychoBulk @ 02/17/11 05:13 PM
Fan-tas-tic...or should that be Camtastic?

Loving each teams own broadcast angle, superbly authentic.

Theres that many choices this year camera wise i probably wont know what to go for.
# 5 jared52 @ 02/17/11 05:21 PM
Am I the only one who wishes the ump in the San Diego Studio video would wipe off the whole plate?

I don't know that I will use this (I like the presets for each home broadcast) but it's this kind of thing that sets MLB the Show apart from every other video game.
# 6 Shaffer26 @ 02/17/11 05:27 PM
Target Field looks unbelievable.
# 7 NAFBUC @ 02/17/11 05:31 PM
Showtastic. I love the user control options.
# 8 RunN1st @ 02/17/11 06:00 PM
Huge thumbs up for this feature!
# 9 Picci @ 02/17/11 06:10 PM
It's official......I can no longer play MLB10 anymore!
# 10 rspencer86 @ 02/17/11 06:11 PM
Incredible! Simply awesome. There is no longer any excuse for anyone to complain about camera angles this year... just create one to your own liking!
# 11 Tommyklaid @ 02/17/11 06:15 PM
Confirmed a while back - GREAT to finally see it in a tutorial!

This is great!
# 12 mwjr @ 02/17/11 06:16 PM
VERY cool.

Shame I don't have a PS3.
# 13 PhillsPhan26 @ 02/17/11 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by mwjr
VERY cool.

Shame I don't have a PS3.
What are you waiting for?
# 14 Dantecamp21 @ 02/17/11 06:51 PM
Can't wait for it, and I'm not even a huge baseball guy...but why couldn't a studio that talented get their NBA franchise right?
# 15 bonannogiovanni @ 02/17/11 07:27 PM
First thing I'm gonna do is move the pitching meter to the side of the pitcher and make it a little smaller. Regardless of the unprecedented level of customization I'll stick with team cameras for pitching and the catcher view for batting.
# 16 Pistolero @ 02/17/11 07:29 PM
Great stuff!! Really nice add-on.
# 17 JJT @ 02/17/11 07:31 PM
OMG love this I always hate when I can't tell if the ball will hit the bottom strikezone, or the dirt, this will be awesome for me.
# 18 ElroyJetson @ 02/17/11 07:40 PM
I don't think I can make it till March 8th, might go to jail for breaking into a gamestop to get this game early.
# 19 Blzer @ 02/17/11 07:41 PM
That is very nice! The only thing missing now is a depth of field tool, but I'm sure you can find what you want through the presets.

How do we account for "flipping" the image if we wanted to depending on whether a righty or lefty is batting, if our camera is uniquely offset in such a way that we would prefer that flipped image? Hopefully it will account for this on its own.
# 20 vinny_b @ 02/17/11 08:55 PM
too bad a custom camera is not offered when playing defense (ie RTTS). Where it is most needed...


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