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MSN Autos has revealed some new Forza Motorsport 4 details.

"The creators of "Forza," Turn 10 Studios, say that they have modeled tire-related properties, such as weight transfer, and have incorporated proprietary performance data from tire manufacturer Pirelli into "Forza 4." The result, the company says, is the most up-to-date simulation of how modern tires grip or slip in a variety of racing conditions. Few players will notice this level of nuance midgame, but the tiny, exacting minority of hard-core players and professional racers who train using "Forza" and "Gran Turismo" spread that gospel of updated accuracy to the wider audience.

"Forza 4" may end up raising the bar when it comes to re-creating a track. According to Turn 10, developers rented out each track that appears in the game for two to three days, shooting terabytes worth of video and photos, and tracing the inside, middle and outside portions of the road surface with a commercial-grade GPS system. The resulting map detects road crowning, tiny changes in camber, or angle, and other anomalies with subcentimeter accuracy, all of which can be coded into the game for even more realism.

But like the pop-out 3-D graphics in "Gran Turismo 5," the head-tracking point-of-view shift in "Forza 4" is more gimmick than breakthrough. Still, as these gimmicks stack up and evolve into new modes of play, there's potential for the next generation of driving games to be packed with more than just ever more detail and data."

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# 1 1WEiRDguy @ 02/18/11 08:53 AM
man...i've been waiting for some info about forza 4...this didnt fill me up, but at least they are starting to release some stuff...looking forward to the next installment

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