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TVG has posted their hands-on Virtua Tennis 4 preview. Going over the Kinect, Move, and MotionPlus controls, along with a few other things, including World Tour mode.

"They've made some big changes. Gone is the systematic career mode of previous titles. Virtua Tennis 4's World Tour takes the form of a board game, with a route through your chosen area marked by spaces on which you can land. Some of these will be tennis tournaments or matches, exactly as you'd expect, but some will be mini-games (which, you'll be glad to hear, are liberally sprinkled throughout), others will be signings for fans, charity events, or rest areas where you can recuperate from all the stress of a tennis career. It seems that Virtua Tennis has gone from an arcadey tennis game to a simulation of being a tennis star, with the player having to manage condition (depleted after playing events or making public appearances and recovered by resting in hotels dotted throughout the map) as well as cash, earned through the player's performance in an event. The better you do, the more your rating increases, which allows you to compete in more events."

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# 1 at23steelers @ 02/18/11 11:39 AM
Is it me, or does this game sound MUCH worse than Top Spin 4? I am not sure who would choose this game over it, tbh. Only reason why this game sounds a little compelling is I could use my Kinect with it.

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