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You like screenshots, right? Well, 2K Sports wants to know which MLB 2K11 screenshots you are interested in seeing the most.

They will take a peek in this post to determine what they send us. Popularity wins, so make sure to post exactly what you'd like to see. The more posts of a specific player/stadium/etc., the better chance of seeing it will be. Once there are enough entries, they will send them to us, to share with you.

Sliders are out of the running, since they plan on releasing a Developer Diary, specific to them.


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# 1 Jamin23 @ 02/18/11 04:02 PM
1. Citizens Bank Ballpark to see if they were able to get the new scoreboard in

2. Ryan Howard to see if they changed his face

3. Cliff Lee

4. Domonic Brown
# 2 DrPhibes @ 02/18/11 04:05 PM
- any Rockie player in their alternate black jersey.
# 3 bigstud23lb @ 02/18/11 04:09 PM
tigers stadium
# 4 mets792 @ 02/18/11 04:22 PM
Citi Field. It wasn't great in 2k10 hopefully its better in 2k11.
# 5 RedLine @ 02/18/11 04:25 PM
I would like see some pics of Petco Park. They did a pretty good job on it last year but would like to see if they did the following:
- Change the name of the building down the left foul line to Western Metal Supply Co
- Change the right center field dimension to 401 (was 411 last year)
- Add the Tony Gywnn statue to the "park at the park"
- Did they add more buildings to outside of the park to reflect the construction completed in the area.

Also, how about some pics of the new Padres camouflage unis?

Thanks in advance
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/18/11 04:29 PM
Yankee stadium. Airel shot of the entire stadium with the home plate view.
# 7 bigfnjoe96 @ 02/18/11 04:31 PM
I'd love to see a screen shot of any 2 teams playing in a classic stadium. (polo grounds)

; ) ; )

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# 8 Blitzburgh @ 02/18/11 04:32 PM
PNC park! c'mon man show my pathetic Pirates some love! lol Thanks Blitz
# 9 edwing @ 02/18/11 04:32 PM
An aerial view of Rogers Centre during a day game.
# 10 SuperKyle @ 02/18/11 04:40 PM
Evan Longoria diving to stop a screamer down the third base line at Tropicana Field.
# 11 The Gamer @ 02/18/11 04:56 PM
Carlos Pena at Wrigley
# 12 jeffy777 @ 02/18/11 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by DrPhibes
- any Rockie player in their alternate black jersey.
I know this means a lot to you, so I'm going to request this too
# 13 dude106 @ 02/18/11 05:07 PM
Future home run champ, Mike Stanton please! Dude is a beast!
# 14 SPTO @ 02/18/11 05:22 PM
Does this game have the Rogers Centre roof opened and closed? If so I'd like to see both for a comparison.

Also would like to see a shot of Jose Bautista at bat and a shot of Ricky Romero in his wind up.
# 15 Peter_OS @ 02/18/11 05:43 PM
New batting camera view. Bautista at home batting in the Rogers Centre. Thank you.
# 16 gwhempel @ 02/18/11 05:47 PM
Greinke on the mound at Miller Park. Does it have the new scoreboard?
# 17 striker3771 @ 02/18/11 05:48 PM
A close up shot of Manny Ramirez in a Rays jersey. He looked horrible in the first trailer.
# 18 The Bimmer @ 02/18/11 05:57 PM
Ramierz in a Rays uniform.
# 19 DickDalewood @ 02/18/11 06:01 PM
1. Josh Hamilton

2. Ballpark in Arlington

3. Wrigley Field
# 20 JayhawkerStL @ 02/18/11 06:03 PM
Busch Stadium
Pujols Standing on second base pointing to the sky (they have to have that, right?)

Otherwise, Pujols rounding third, and running through a stop sign by the third base coach!

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