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The first extended look at MLB 2K11 gameplay footage pitting the Philadelphia Phillies at the Colorado Rockies in the top of the 8th inning.

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# 1 econoodle @ 02/22/11 12:15 PM
First Quick Impression: what in the heck is up with that fielding cam?

more to come
# 2 panthers_freak @ 02/22/11 12:15 PM
The person playing was swinging at everything.

That last pitch to Tulo wasn't even close...

I did like how the cpu actually threw balls though
# 3 Sportsforever @ 02/22/11 12:18 PM
Wow...I haven't looked at 2k in about 3-4 years, but that was impressive from the last thing I saw (2k8). Presentation is very nice. Still some small 2K'ish things like Fowler not running through first, Madson backing up 3rd instead of home, etc, but overall nicer than I would have thought.
# 4 Ænima @ 02/22/11 12:18 PM
I'm disappointed that the HUD is almost exactly the same as it was last year. It struck me as being very bland last season and it will only be worse this year.

Gameplay looks solid although the 7:30 mark really worries me. The Full-Count pitch to Fowler comes in very high and somehow the swing results in a grounder to Second? How in the heck did he get on top of that, considering where his bat was? I paused it to see if it made any sense...

Now maybe I'm missing something here, but if you show me that picture in real life, the last place I'm going to predict that ball traveling to is Second Base via a grounder. The pitch is very high, the bat is under the ball and you get a ground ball to the Second Baseman? I'm confused.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm pretty excited about the game still. This moment just jumped out at me.
# 5 brendanrfoley @ 02/22/11 12:19 PM
I like the view when the ball is hit and the overall feel. I also like the return of some real-time elements; the clip of Romero walking back to the mound after giving up a hit looks great.

That said, some of the wonky elements from the last two years return. The sudden "snap" out of an animation... the runner who cross the plate, stops, then turns to the dugout... and severe clipping in the dugout (players actually overlapped at one point).

All that stuff is cosmetic, though. I think VC is on the right track and I have hopes this will be the best playing MLB2K game in years.
# 6 BigBlue @ 02/22/11 12:19 PM
No more blue flashes! Woohoo!

I also liked the soft liner to Utley near the end. Last year, that was a Willie Mays over the shoulder catch.

# 7 Ænima @ 02/22/11 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by econoodle
First Quick Impression: what in the heck is up with that fielding cam?

more to come
Well, it isn't a fielding cam. That camera is probably specific to being on offense while you control your baserunners. I imagine the actual fielding camera will be more helpful IF a human player is on defense.
# 8 brendanrfoley @ 02/22/11 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by econoodle
First Quick Impression: what in the heck is up with that fielding cam?
That's only the view while hitting; when playing in the field, the view is more traditional.
# 9 DaveDQ @ 02/22/11 12:31 PM
I'm pretty impressed with the crowds reaction. You really get a home field advantage feeling. There's a big presentation sense going on with the commentators talking and the crowd going nuts.
# 10 jeffy777 @ 02/22/11 12:32 PM
Looks pretty good. I'm surprised they showed a night game since the day games looked the best in 2K10, but it does look better than the night games in 2K10.

I like when you go to the substitution/bullpen screen, you can actually see the player ratings and the other team's bench. I've been wanting this for awhile.

Commentary sounds great
# 11 BlackBetty15 @ 02/22/11 12:33 PM
Some very good and some same ol same ol. The robotic "aaaand...1,2,3 and 1,2,3" animation where the fielders take the ball in and then make a throw its almost as you can tell the animation sequences and where they were put together. Its almost choppy. I did like wat I saw. One thing that has alwyas drawn me to 2K and it def hit me in this video was the depth of field and the sheer SIZE of the stadiums. I mean, take away the players for a moment and just look at the stadium from the box and I mean it gives me the feeling like I am there. The color, the size and just the way it comes at your face I love. I kinda thought that fountain squirt was a littel cheesy. Didnt know coors field had a bidet in CF!!!! LMAO
# 12 sroz39 @ 02/22/11 12:35 PM
Colour me impressed game looks like a big improvement from last year. Quick thoughts, starting with the negatives to get those out of the way:

- player models are better but still need work. Contreras looks awful lol. Player faces are much better but Manuel's face? Umm, yeah...

- still need better transitions from animation to animation. Looks unnatural at times.

- wasn't impressed by the grounder to Utley because he never actually went down and got the rolling grounder. It just sort of warped in his glove.

Now, onto the positives:

- love, love, LOVE the camera when you hit the ball. So freakin' cool.

- commentary = awesome

- the opposite field homer actually looked proper. Batter waited on the ball to get a little deeper in the zone and hit it opo. Looked natural, unlike years past. In general, bat to ball contact is better but (can't believe I'm saying this) both this game AND The Show have a ways to go to catch up to MVP 05 (!) when it comes to this aspect. Still, much improved though the above post about the high pitch resulting in a grounder is mildly concerning.

- fielding in general looks much better, aside from the Utley grounder.

- love the called ball on the pitch on the "black". Last year, that's a strike 10 out of 10 times.

- lineup/bullpen menus looked nice.

There's many more things I was thinking as the video was playing but those are the things that jump out at me after one view. This game looks like it's gonna be a keeper!
# 13 Blazzen @ 02/22/11 12:40 PM
Biggest difference I noticed (other than the camera) was the crowd noise. Much better this year. Really had the feel of the 8th inning in a close playoff game.

Everything else looked about the same as MLB 2k10. Basically what I expected, a couple bells and whistles added but mostly trying to fix the issues that they couldn't get to in 2k10.
# 14 berenjena @ 02/22/11 12:41 PM
wow! the game atmosphere felt really great, as well as the feel of the bat when it makes contact with the ball...

Love the commentary!!!

this franchise is taking steps in the right direction.
# 15 ripwalk @ 02/22/11 12:44 PM
Not too bad. I too loved how the camera stays with the hitter a bit longer after the ball is hit.

I think presentation elements are lacking though... It's just kind of awkwardly focusing on players when big moments happen that should be getting big reactions from the teams/players (like the grandslam).

I only played my copy of 2k10 for a couple hours so I can't really say how this game compares to last year's, but this looks pretty decent. I also liked the hitting camera, it seemed to make it quite a bit easier to pick up the ball out of the pitcher's hand.

Also, the pitching changes seemed kind of odd and unnatural too. It would show a shot of Jose Contreras and put up a graphic for Ryan Madsen and they'd just start talking about Madsen, without any graphic of him 'entering' the game or any mention of a pitching change. Maybe it was just me, I found those parts especially awkward.
# 16 Peter_OS @ 02/22/11 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by econoodle
First Quick Impression: what in the heck is up with that fielding cam?

more to come
I like the new fielding camera!
# 17 ryan36 @ 02/22/11 12:46 PM
Manuel looked like a zombie...still seems a lot of hits are line drives...game still seems to play more like 'fastpitch softball'...

It was fun last year, it'll be fun this year, but I don't see any marked improvement
# 18 hitstreak13 @ 02/22/11 12:52 PM
Great video, but was a bit bummed that I didn't get to see the USER pitch or field. I wanted to see the new pitching meter, the new throwing meter, and even the Rockies pitching cam (I wanted to see a ball hit to the OF as well to see how the new fielding works).

Love the commentary though and definitely look foward to trying this game out.
# 19 TheTruth @ 02/22/11 12:54 PM
It maybe a coincidence, but isn't it a little odd that they said they toned down opposite field homers and in the first video a opposite field grand slam?
# 20 bigstud23lb @ 02/22/11 12:54 PM
the game looks really good but one thing i dont like the jerkyness to the game but other than that looks good

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