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Destructoid's Samit Sarkar checks in with his MLB 11 The Show hands-on preview, where he talks about analog hitting and pitching, RttS and a few other things.

"This year, Road to the Show (RTTS) has changed up its player creation setup. You’ll still be allocating attribute points, but at the start, you have to balance your player on a set of sliders. Pitchers, for example, can be stamina guys or power guys, Maddux-like control freaks or hurlers with lots of movement on their pitches, and have a balanced repertoire or feature one dominant pitch. Similarly, you’ll have to put your hitter somewhere on the spectrum between power and contact, and arm strength and accuracy for fielders. These characteristics will determine the initial layout of your player’s attributes, and since you can’t max out any one rating at the start, you’ll have to play through RTTS to improve your skills.

Sony San Diego really focused on visual improvements in MLB 11. I selected “rain” as the weather for an exhibition game, and noticed that the skies started out overcast and gradually darkened before a drizzle began. The field also looked wet; the infield dirt filled with darkened splotches, especially in the base paths. Also new is an optional eight-pitch warmup session for starting pitchers. You can turn this off, but if you leave it on and skip the warmup process, your starter will begin the game cold."

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# 1 abjsuperstar @ 02/22/11 10:27 PM
demo is good.. but analog hitting is gonna take a lot of practice for me and if i cant get better im going with classic hitting
# 2 Blzer @ 02/22/11 10:29 PM
Funny, I seem to be the only person who had absolutely no problem with analog hitting from the start. I think it's so fluid, natural, and makes so much sense. In fact, I wish they added an option for left stick zone control with the analog hitting as well.
# 3 palmer08 @ 02/23/11 05:49 AM
@Blzer The zone control is the same stick as hitting analog. Check the controls menu.

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