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# 1 OnlookerDelay @ 03/01/11 08:45 AM
Pretty cool... you get to see some of the new "broadcast camera" perspective at work. I still wish they would offer a player perspective camera for when you're watching your opponents play their shots. I don't understand how watching an AI golfer hit his shot from his swing camera can be considered "immersive". The only golfer I should be seeing a swing camera view of is my own... otherwise I feel like I'm in my opponents huddle.

They do show one tee shot in here of Adam Scott from a downrange fairway camera, hitting off the tee. That's better than a swing camera view of him hitting the shot, but it's not exactly where my player would be standing if I had just hit my tee shot.
# 2 wcrickards @ 03/01/11 09:06 AM
Okay, really quick... Can you use a created golfer for the 'President's Cup' mode? And in career -- can you be selected to play in the 'President's Cup'?

Last question... Can you create a golfer with max attributes just for exhibition -- not career -- I am curious because I'd like to create PHIL!
# 3 callmetaternuts @ 03/01/11 10:18 AM
Uh, Gulbis and Creamer are in? Any way to get a fairly accurate roster of guys? No offense to the ladies, but I don't want to do the Presidents Cup mixed gender.
# 4 willz1985 @ 03/01/11 10:55 AM
great. last year i beat the yanks in the ryder cup, this year i'll beat them in the presidents cup
# 5 Dazraz @ 03/01/11 12:39 PM
The visuals look mightily good this year. Player models look more natural & less cartoon like while the crowd look better than ever. If only the commentary was as polished.

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