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# 1 WazzuRC @ 03/05/11 05:03 PM
The game looks pretty fun. A really wish we had to pin them and not just knock them out. Another thing I noticed was the pretty terrible crowd. I was hoping for more interactive crowds (chants, signs, etc.)
# 2 areobee401 @ 03/05/11 06:45 PM
I could see myself renting this game for sure. Are there only singles matches or can you have tag ect.
# 3 scottyo60 @ 03/06/11 09:02 AM
they said tag matches in the ign preview. I also saw a picture of Rey and Mr. Perfect in a cage so I'd assume that is in as well
# 4 Fiddy @ 03/06/11 10:14 AM
see, this would be GREAT (fun) IMO.. IF it wasnt so over the top. just meaning all the up in the air combo moves etc.

if they would keep these type of player builds, add all the fluff of smackdown vs raw, matches, weapons, caw, etc.. this would be awesome. wrestling games need this type of arcade action fun, but without the combo moves in the air etc.

also, add weight detection.. make it so you have to use strategy to beat the heavyweights like Andre and Big Show with guys like Rey..

does that make sense to anyone? lol.. bc i know i would sure as heck enjoy that type of game even more so than a smackdown vs raw one.
# 5 jyoung @ 03/06/11 04:31 PM
This game just looks ugly.

Bad intros. Bad crowd. Bad blur effects. Bad move animations.

At least the character models look good when they're not moving and punching awkwardly.

THQ wrestling games have fallen off badly since the N64 days.
# 6 Steven547 @ 03/06/11 10:24 PM
That doesn't even resemble Shawn Michaels! Most of the other faces look fine, but his, wow...terrible.
# 7 areobee401 @ 03/06/11 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by scottyo60
they said tag matches in the ign preview. I also saw a picture of Rey and Mr. Perfect in a cage so I'd assume that is in as well
Thanks for the info , should be a fun rental but thats about it
# 8 WTF @ 03/07/11 07:34 PM
I was actually pretty excited about this game early on. After that video however, I'm changing it to a bargain bin pickup. That just didn't look like a full price title to me. Maybe an XBLive game, but not a $60 pickup. I"ll see you in a few months in the $29.98 bin at Walmart WWE All Stars.
# 9 ggazoo @ 03/17/11 07:10 AM
It looks like I'm the odd man out here, but this game looks great. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but just give me a game that's fun to play, and I'm sold. But add all the legends that I want (Andre, Bret, Mr. Perfect, Ted Dibiase Sr., Eddie), and I can't wait for for this.

And yeah, vintage HBK wrestles with his shades on, so what? It's just emphasizes how THQ is visually injecting the fun. The fact that we even have alternate attires is great - I've been waiting forever for a licensed WWE game to featured old-school Andre, afro and all, not to mention nWo Hogan... and Macho Man too? C'mon, guys, stop crapping on this until you play it.
# 10 Steven547 @ 03/18/11 07:43 PM
So why not just download and add all the legends to SVR 2011? Same game really. That's one reason why I won't buy All Stars...I can get the same wrestlers in SVR 2011.

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