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Who are sports video game players?

As digital games grow in popularity and continue to gain great cultural significance, game studies has emerged as a new academic field of study. Game studies scholars at renowned universities around the world are exploring how and why producers design and develop these games, and study how and why different groups of players engage these products. As the field of study grows, sports video games and their players have been largely overlooked and understudied.

Three researchers at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT are trying to change that. Abe Stein, Mia Consalvo and Konstantin Mitgutsch are conducting a study of sports video game players to begin asking questions about this large subset of the greater video game playing community. Their research is looking into how and why sports video game players experience their play, and also how playing sports video games relates to sports fandom in general. For the month of March a short 5-10 minute anonymous survey is being hosted online where respondents can answer brief, basic questions about their sports video game playing experience. The researchers will collect the data and then report on their findings as a first step in expanding sports video game research in general.

The link to the survey is right here.

For more information or questions on the study feel free to contact:
[email protected]

Member Comments
# 1 Eski33 @ 03/13/11 01:44 PM
I took it...Pretty detailed.
# 2 Scruffychicken @ 03/21/11 02:58 AM
Took the survey, nice and thorough (SP?lol) and am kinda anxious to see some results from it.
# 3 crbuke @ 03/22/11 05:10 PM
Cool, thanks for the heads up
# 4 goosedennis @ 03/23/11 10:32 AM
Ineresting, will be looking forward to the results.
# 5 OneCrazyM0f0 @ 03/25/11 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by obama549
Ineresting, will be looking forward to the results
Ditto, sir!
# 6 Silverspoon @ 03/30/11 02:21 PM
I did it. It took quite a while to do.
# 7 MIT_Researchers @ 04/01/11 01:11 PM
Hey Everyone!
I'm excited to let you know that we have almost 1700 responses to our survey to date. I also need to tell you that we are closing the survey on Monday the 4th of *****, so if you have not taken the survey yet and want to please do so before then.

Thanks so much to all those that have helped, and we will be sure to keep this group posted on results from our study!

Abe, Mia and Konstantin
# 8 delija66 @ 04/04/11 12:22 PM
just did it
# 9 Jenney001 @ 04/12/11 04:18 AM
Much thanks for your good post...

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