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# 1 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/15/11 09:51 AM
To bad it's not coming out on the 360 here in the states. Capcom says the reason being is that GP sells better on the PS3 here in the states vs the 360.

So if you are in the states and want your GP fix, you better have a PAL 360 or a PS3.
# 2 BenVenom @ 03/19/11 12:27 PM
does anyone have impressions. getting some decent reviews. im lucky i have a ps3, people with xbox only r really getting screwed.
# 3 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/21/11 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by BenVenom
does anyone have impressions. getting some decent reviews. im lucky i have a ps3, people with xbox only r really getting screwed.
I picked this up because I am MotoGP nut, but I probably should have waited until they released the 2011 team changes.

This is a review by someone that pretty much nails this game on the head even though it's based on the demo (especially if you have played SBK X):

I'll start off by pointing out things I liked:
The presentation is nice, the menus are slick
The graphics don't look as bad as they did in the videos either, the Mugello circuit looks good, I especially liked how the tarmac looked. The audience (sure its not important but) looked good too, with their banners and what not.

Some things I especially liked was the fact that the anti wheelie actually makes a difference. I was pleasantly surprised at times when I'd hit the throttle and the bike would flip over backwards! Not even SBK X got that right. When the bike stands up like that all by itself its a really cool feeling and it encourages throttle control (+1) (the bikes should not be able to flip over backwards either... they are equppied with anti-wheelie)

Also, you can actually drift a bit in 10/11, something that is almost completely (and most disappointingly) absent in SBK X.
I'm also pleasantly surprised about the motion blur at high speeds. I thought this would get annoying but its actually kind of a nice touch.

It actually does give you a sense of speed without being obnoxious. In SBK X you know you're going fast but sometimes its tough to tell the difference between balls out and kinda fast. In fact, I hear SBK 2011 will have motion blur.

The bike also can feel a bit unstable at top speed which I like. Going rediculously fast shouldn't be easy and the slight dogleg on the home straight of Mugello takes a bit of precision. (I disagree with this as the bike should be more stable at top speed)

The bike feels angry sometimes and can be difficult to tame, which is another neat aspect. If your overdue the throttle on the straight or during the turn the bike will let you know by standing up or wobbling thru the bend.

One of my favorite aspects is that you can actually role on the throttle. One of my biggest gripes about SBKX is that the throttle feels too much like an on/off switch whereas MGP 08 required a soft finger for the trigger. I miss rolling the throttle on coming out of the turn and 10/11 seems to have it (+1)

All around I was really impressed by how much better the game is than I expected (then again I was pretty pesimistic). Clearly they made a lot of progress from 09/10.

That being said there are a lot of things I'm not a fan of:
First, (and again) most obviously, the goddamn pivot angle! When you look at the Honda it feels as thought there is an invisible pole going right through the tail pipe under the seat to the front of the bike and that the bike rotates on that axis.

I literally spent the entire time playing the demo trying to convince myself it made sense and to get over it, but alas, it was to no avail. The center pivot is so frustrating because (for me anyway) it removes every perception of the rider being connected to the bike connected to the road. It makes it incredibly difficult to get a feel for what the bike will do and how it will react and when to lean in.

I also don't like the way the riders and the bikes look. Its funny because I think the tracks and background really look beautiful but the riders and bikes are just meh. Maybe I'm too used to SBK X where the bikes are literally down to a "T". About as photo realistic as it gets. As pretty as the track and background the bikes and riders look bland, foggy, and almost secondary. When the race starts and it shows the rider look into the camera, it just looks terrible and should be removed from the game, it kinda highlights a low part of the game.

The brakes, I just can't get a good feel for em. Granted, I should give myself more time but I mean damn. Sometimes I go into a turn at a snails pace but I still run wide, others I just crash. It just seems unpredicatble. BUT it feels oddly reminiscent (and unfortunately) like CLIMAX MGP 07, and I hated the brakes in that game. If the brakes were as accurate as the throttle we might have something here. TThe brakes seem to slow you down but not enough or not accuarately enough.

Again, I havent played enough, its probably just me and maybe I should've played with all the assists ON rather than OFF. Going into turn 1 just seems like a crap shoot every time. I mean, in SBK X I still crash and have no F***ing idea why but in 10/11 sometimes no matter how hard I try I just don't seem to be going slow enough for these turns or I need to go slower but the brakes just throw me to the ground.
# 4 Kruza @ 03/22/11 10:42 AM
Nice find of these MotoGP 10/11 impressions, BIG CAROLINA.

I think discussing the feel, behavior and stability of the bike while traveling at high speeds is subjective since it really depends on how Monumental/Climax configured the bike setups. The guy who posted the impressions was likely racing under default settings playing the demo, so the default shocks and dampers settings on the bikes may be set to the softer end. Plus the default ride height/preload setup may be higher than what most players are accustomed to.

Believe it or not, the real early MotoGP games had blur motion whenever the bike approached speeds at near and above 200 mph. However, Climax had taken that feature out at some point in their later games. Then Milestone followed suit with leaving this out in the 08 version. It's good to know that this feature has been brought back in 10/11.

The central pivot beef the impressions writer brought up really doesn't bother me much because I race strictly in first-person helmet cam.

That is puzzling and bad news about what the impressions guy think of the brakes. I hope this aspect of the series gets worked out eventually by Monumental/Climax.

And I don't get that on-off feeling of the throttle that the guy mentioned while playing SBK X. There are many times where I feel I have to manage the throttle and gradually accelerate instead of powering out of corner exits so I won't create too much wheelspin and possibly lose the back end of the bike. But I can't make a comparison since I haven't played the MotoGP 10/11 demo myself, so he could be bringing up a valid point here.

# 5 BIG CAROLINA @ 03/22/11 11:34 AM
The brakes are only an issue when you go by the racing line (gotta use your own brake markers). It's a non-issue on the retail version but were weaker to me in the demo.

Yeah I have been playing GP games since GP2 and having the blur effect really gives you that sense of speed. There is a rumor that SBK 11 will have the blur effect....... But judging by the videos posted on here and around the web I have yet to see the effect.

Throttle control is not an issue in SBK X (atleast on the 360) for me, maybe he plays on the PS3? If you get the trigger extensions for the Ps3 you can have excellent throttle control in 10/11 also. Triggers are 1000x better on the 360 than the PS3.

As for the pivot feeling it is most def not an issue in 1st person view and this is by far the most 1st person friendly bike racing game that I have ever played.

This game IMO is no where near as polished as SBK X, 8 or 9, but it is fun to play. At $40 if you are a GP fan I would say pick it up and give it a chance.

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