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Kotaku's Owen Good has posted another great read on MLB 11 The Show, where even the all-stars are role players.

"Even the All-Stars are Role Players in MLB 11 The ShowSitting there with my DualShock in my lap, I struggled to recall the last time a video game blindsided me this hard, much less at a point this early in playing it. I'd ranked up at a respectable rate, gained a fast understanding of my abilities and the situations in which they were useful. I was fearless and, I thought, indispensably valuable to the cause. The story of my success was playing out conventionally.

And then I was traded to the San Diego Padres.

How in the hell? My pitcher, in his first professional season, had gone from the bullpen to starting in the Eastern League all-star game in the span of three weeks in-game. A prospect showing that kind of overnight success would likely be untouchable in any baseball organization, or be part of a multi-player, trading-deadline deal designed to get a free agent to a contending ballclub."

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# 1 Avsfan192 @ 03/17/11 10:06 PM
i feel his pain, i was drafted by the Rockies, a team in need of a 3B according to their Organization Depth Chart. i was looking forward to my career with the Rockies, a solid team hitters ball park and a place im considering moving to in the future.

My Tulsa Drillers were tearing up Double A, 1st place at the All-Star game. When i start up my RTTS today. the very first thing that i see is a notice telling me that i've been traded to the Boston Red Sox. a team that currently has Kevin Youkilis at 3B, a 2X time AL All-Star and former Gold Glove award winner.

but i've been doing well with the Portland Sea Dogs. had the coveted red flame beside my name since becoming a Sea Dog, hitting over .300 with 2 HR and 10 RBI hitting in the 4 hole in the lineup.
# 2 AUTiger1 @ 03/17/11 11:02 PM
Yeah. I started my road to the show career as a 3B for the Braves and thought it was perfect since they only have 4 3rd baseman (counting me) in their entire organization and then halfway through my 1st year I got traded to the Diamondbacks in a trade that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Myself, David Ross and some other minor league position player traded to the D-Backs for Joe Saunders and Esmerling Vasquez. Can someone please tell me how a trade like that even remotely makes any sense?
# 3 treyraq @ 03/18/11 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by AUTiger1
Can someone please tell me how a trade like that even remotely makes any sense?
Probably not. Because there's a strong belief that the AI trade logic is off in its own game, and it's affecting RTTS as well.

There is certainly some explanation behind it.
However the AI is programmed to think and what it looks for is probably "working," but it just doesn't come across as logical to us.
# 4 JoeMimic @ 03/18/11 02:12 PM
I think this is kind of misleading. He was traded straight up for another pitcher but yet he doesn't give any details on the pitcher he was traded for. Sure he was in the minor league all star game but maybe the other player he was dealt for still had better overall ratings. There needs to be more of a breakdown on what exactly he was traded for.
# 5 Uncle Stumpy @ 03/20/11 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by osubeavs721
I dont see why the guy is complaining. Personally I got traded in my RTTS, but I understand why. Im a 1B and i was drafted by the Marlins. Gabby Sanchez was having a good year and they needed a power bat. Well me tearing up AA they placed me on the block as trade bait. I check that stuff every couple of weeks in my RTTS season. Two days before the trade deadline, I got traded to the Astros for Carlos Lee. Not straight up the marlins gave up an MLB player and me for him but still. I was used like would have been in real life. A top prospect for a chance to win now. I personally love the fact you can get traded on a whim.

I just wish they would expand on some stuff. Like Player mood and team chemistry expanded. Like right now personally I am frustrated with the organization. They dont have a 1B on the big league club and im dominating AAA. While the guy they have Pedro Feliz playing first, he is struggling. But they keep telling me they cant afford to take someone off the 40 man roster to give me my shot on a losing team. I dont understand it! I wish there was an option in the interactions to tell your skip or agent that you are frustrated with the organization. And let it affect the chemistry on the team and such. i think that would be cool. But I dont see anything non authentic with RTTS like this guy tried to write about.
I totally agree on mood AI and stuff. A s far as I'm concerned, that needs to be the next step for sports gaming. So much of sports is the passion of the players media and fans. we don't get that in our video games. If they could replicate that, have player rivalries (evevn on the same team) and player emotion. They had it last gen, for goodness sake PLEASE bring it to this gen. I loved it when player's would send me a message in MAdden saying how pumped they were to be playing their former team, or whining about playing time. That's half of professional sports these days.
# 6 crbuke @ 03/21/11 10:19 AM
I have not yet been traded, and I tore it up in AA, and I am currently tearing it up in AAA as well.

However, being that I am a 1B prospect for the SF Giants, I would not be surprised to be traded soon, they have Aubrey Huff and 1 or 2 really good prospects ahead of me on the depth chart waiting for him to retire.

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