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Which football game are you looking forward to the most? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is in right hand column. For those voting in the Forums, vote above.

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# 1 The Amaizen Blue @ 03/24/11 04:46 PM
Depends if there's NFL football this year. I bought NCAA 11 last year, and I thought it was great, but I don't like buying the same game consecutive years.
# 2 Sheamazin @ 03/24/11 04:47 PM
NCAA 12. I just dont get into Madden that much anymore.
# 3 Bellsprout @ 03/24/11 04:54 PM
NCAA 12.

Still playing 11. I love it. Probably the best football game I've played on this gen. Knowing that 12 will do nothing but improve on that base makes me very, very excited.
# 4 Facts @ 03/24/11 04:56 PM
Depends. Madden10 was better than NCAA10 but NCAA11 was better last year. I can't trust EA with consistency so I'll just wait it out. NCAA could have an off year to build something big for next year. Hopefully that was the case with Madden this year.
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 03/24/11 04:57 PM
After years of 1st purchases on both games and then returning 1 month later, I'll be holding off on both until after the seasons start. Even still, I may not get either.

I've been burned to many times.

Until they focus on gameplay first, I'm saving my money until I see things are changing.
# 6 lwendt33 @ 03/24/11 04:57 PM
NCAA 12 for sure. Madden is over-hyped and recycled every year.
# 7 PantherBeast_OS @ 03/24/11 05:00 PM
Well honestly I have not been really interested in ncaa football since 09. I been buying madden the past few years. But if madden 12 franchise Improves big time this year I will get that along with ncaa12 this year. I think both of them are going be much better this year then last year. But still waiting for more info on both. But right now Madden 12 is the most likely choice of the 2. But I most likely will end getting both at the end of the day.
# 8 CM Hooe @ 03/24/11 05:11 PM
At this early stage, Madden for the custom playbooks feature.

A bit early for this poll, however, IMO.
# 9 superbus @ 03/24/11 05:18 PM
EA game, EA game, none of the above.

Wow. The football game market is *AWESOME*.
# 10 pjmoore 28 @ 03/24/11 05:19 PM
Without a doubt NCAAF is the clear decision

1.They have established themselves amongst the people in the football community.
2. There WILL without a doubt be a college football season and fans will be able to see their favorite players and teams play.
3. They have established the most successful online mode amongst sports games with their online dynasty and only has the potential to be greater.

I personally will buy both of them but Madden will be the first one i sell at gamestop because of the replay value of NCAA and the 212 teams the NCAA has compared to the 30 NFL has.
# 11 darknmild @ 03/24/11 05:23 PM
Both Games why cause i always do have yrs call me a robot
# 12 videlsports @ 03/24/11 05:24 PM
I voted to wait for the exclusive contracts to wear off. Plenty of other games to play.
# 13 misterkrabz @ 03/24/11 05:39 PM
BackBreaker 2...if there is one.
# 14 pittsburgher86 @ 03/24/11 05:41 PM
Madden. Sounds promising. Though I will be buying both games.
# 15 TreyIM2 @ 03/24/11 05:42 PM
I'm going to say Madden 12, this year. Last year, it was NCAA 11 but what's funny is after Madden 11 came out DESPITE not really feeling Madden 11, at first, Madden 11 became my game of choice...although NCAA 11 is better to me.
# 16 countryboy @ 03/24/11 05:50 PM
Looking forward to both, but more excited about Madden 12.
# 17 GOBLUE_08 @ 03/24/11 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by misterkrabz
BackBreaker 2...if there is one.
Im kinda curious about this too, i kinda liked the first one so i would like to see how they improve. But i would have to say Ncaa 12, i have just been so turned off by madden since the the new consoles came out. They would have to make SIGNIFICANT changes to franchise mode to get my 60 bucks.
# 18 sarlndr @ 03/24/11 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by darknmild
Both Games why cause i always do have yrs call me a robot

NCAA all the way.
# 19 hurricanefootball4 @ 03/24/11 06:10 PM
Didn't buy Madden last year for the first time since 1997. Didn't miss it.

NCAA has so much potential, hopefully they recognize that and put out a great game
# 20 timmymvp6 @ 03/24/11 06:11 PM
The only time i will buy another football game is if 2k sports makes a game like ESPN NFL 2K5 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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