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Pastapadre has posted an article on the multiple barriers obstructing the use of online leagues in MLB 11 The Show. While I know there are quite a few leagues that formed here at OS and other sites, there are others that are frustrated by the process.

"No one should have to waste 10 hours or so playing ranked games that they don’t want to play just to ‘earn the right’ to join or create an online league. The “sportsmanship” rating is even worse because it is largely out of the control of the individual, who has to rely on ratings from people that may be bitter because they got beat. Now also, imagine someone goes on vacation for a week, they’ve lost their chance to participate and may even get an automatic boot from an ongoing league."

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 03/25/11 08:14 PM

Restrictions removed Monday, the 28th
# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 03/25/11 08:32 PM
Me thinks he does not understand sportsmanship... that is calculated by the system now (how you play the other person by your actions), not the person you are playing against hating on you.

But as Husltin noted, restrictions are being removed.

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