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Which of this week's major releases have you bought this week? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is in right hand column. For those voting in the Forums, vote above.

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# 1 JayhawkerStL @ 03/29/11 01:59 PM
Shift 2! Seriously, no option for the best game released this week?
# 2 nolesfan69 @ 03/29/11 02:08 PM
NASCAR 2011, Shift 2 and Tiger 12 all for my 360. But waiting on some reviews and feedback before I
open them.
# 3 ChaseB @ 03/29/11 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Jayhawker
Shift 2! Seriously, no option for the best game released this week?
I'm with this guy.
# 4 dmanzano @ 03/29/11 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by Jayhawker
Shift 2! Seriously, no option for the best game released this week?
This is exactly what I came here to post
# 5 nolan273 @ 03/29/11 02:49 PM
Tiger Woods 12 for PS3. I've been playing EA's golf games since the SNES days and always hoped that Augusta would be in 'next year'. Well, 'next year' finally came and there was no way I was not gonna have Augusta on my game shelf!
# 6 ps3veron @ 03/29/11 03:01 PM
Shift 2 and NASCAR. Wife's going to kill me!
# 7 Bubba_Zanetti @ 03/29/11 03:09 PM
Been reading some good reviews on Shift 2. Not enough non-Nascar racing fans for it to be considered poll worthy i guess.
# 8 willz1985 @ 03/29/11 03:14 PM
Tiger woods definitely.

Don't think we are getting NASCAR games over here other than the previous EA games.

The sport was ruined for me thanks to south park's p*ss take of it.
# 9 Shield @ 03/29/11 03:49 PM
mlb 11 the show, and it's darn good
# 10 queensbomber @ 03/29/11 03:50 PM
Golf? no thanks! Id rather get eaten alive by a tiger.
Car racing? how can it even be called a sport!
Wrestling? Its ok but no video game has done it justice since wrestlmania x on n64.
# 11 acreyman @ 03/29/11 04:07 PM
Tiger and Nascar but I have not unwrapped Nascar yet. Tiger has been great and I have learned to like the caddy feature.
# 12 BlackJack_Williams @ 03/29/11 04:26 PM
I'm so out of the loop lol haven't bought anything.
Didn't know half of these games released
# 13 DirtyJerz32 @ 03/29/11 04:45 PM
Still on the fence with all three mentioned.
# 14 LucianoJJ @ 03/29/11 04:46 PM
Shift 2 was ordered online from the EA Store late Sunday night, shipped on Monday, and arrived this afternoon. What a turnaround. The problem is...I have pink eye! Oh, the joys of having sons in kindergarten. For those of you who can see well enough to enjoy the new releases this month, I envy you. With what has happened in the world over the last month, it could be a LOT worse.
# 15 Behindshadows @ 03/29/11 04:47 PM
I picked up Shift 2 when I got off work on PC, about to play through some before making a video!
# 16 bfindeisen @ 03/29/11 05:06 PM
NFS: Shift 2 and Nascar 2011!
# 17 SSWood10 @ 03/29/11 05:29 PM
Top Spin 4..good game
Nascar 11... a mess right now, hopefully fixable.
# 18 statum71 @ 03/29/11 05:46 PM
Nascar.....getting Tiger Woods later.
# 19 mestevo @ 03/29/11 07:13 PM
After a british guy at work started a tournament and I lost 3 games (my first ever even playing the game) by a combined score of 0-9 I am buying FIFA 11 this week
# 20 acreyman @ 03/29/11 07:30 PM
I took my wrapped Nascar back after reading about the bugs.......maybe later. I took my refund and bought microsoft points to buy all the downloadable courses for Tiger.

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