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Over the next few weeks, EA Sports will show 25 new plays that you will find in Madden NFL 12.

To be clear, there are more than 25 new plays in the game. Each day, a new play will be accompanied by a screen of the play art and a brief description of why the play has been added to Madden NFL 12.

Play #6 features the Charger Cross.

"Chargers Gun Normal Y-Flex Tight- Charger Cross - Another new formation for Madden NFL 12, TE Antonio Gates will line up closer to the right tackle in a receiver stance. On this play, Gates will run a drag route underneath drawing up coverage while the backside receivers run a cross and a dig respectively. As defenses collapse on Gates underneath, QB Philip Rivers has his choice of receivers coming across the field for a big completion. This play was used in the Week 1 game at Kansas City."

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# 1 GrnEyedBanditTN @ 03/31/11 05:11 PM
Nice play to run vs man coverage
# 2 roadman @ 03/31/11 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by LiquorLogic
Why don't they show some defensive plays like the NCAA team ?
A. Because NCAA is a month ahead of Madden in release dates.
B. Because a rep from EA answered that question in another play thread that defensive plays will be shown in about 2 weeks.
# 3 PGaither84 @ 03/31/11 11:00 PM
this isn't a new play, it's a new formation, just as the quote says
Another new formation for Madden NFL 12,
# 4 Senator Palmer @ 03/31/11 11:43 PM
Yeah, this was one of my favorites from back in the day -- only I remember running it from Singleback Normal. The slot (LB) used to destroy man and was good at beating Cover 3. The shallow cross was always a nice checkdown.
# 5 Exonerated @ 03/31/11 11:45 PM
yeah i was about to say that i've seen this play a million times b4 in the colts playbook.

didn't realise it was in another formation.

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