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Do you like being able to vote for cover athletes? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is in right hand column. For those voting in the Forums, vote above.

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# 1 EnigmaNemesis @ 03/31/11 03:49 PM
I personally don't care who the cover athlete is.

Not saying I do not check who they are when announced, but I don't concern myself to even bother voting.
# 2 DeuceDouglas @ 03/31/11 03:50 PM
I don't mind it, it's nice to push for your favorite player or team. In the end, however, it feels like they've already predetermined who the cover guy will be and the voting is just a publicity stunt to get people involved and interested before they release any real details.
# 3 RedZoneD25 @ 03/31/11 04:03 PM
I personally liked it better when you got to wonder who it was going to be, make play bets with friends, and speculate who was a "Madden cover" sort of player. I don't like how mainstream the selection process has become only because it ruins the suspense completely.
# 4 jeremym480 @ 03/31/11 04:10 PM
I agree with DaveyJ but, honestly I don't care who it is.... As long as it's not Vick
# 5 dannyr326 @ 03/31/11 04:11 PM
VOTE Danny Woodhead!
# 6 LingeringRegime @ 03/31/11 04:40 PM
I couldn't care less.
# 7 swiftychampleone @ 03/31/11 04:53 PM
They couldn't get the Kool-Aid Man as a choice on the ballot? Shame! :-) (Just kidding!)

Otherwise, I really hope that EA dedicates themselves to improving gameplay and MOST important, Offline Franchise. I'm really pulling for a great Madden. Haven't had this game since Madden 06 on PS2. I seriously thought when PS3 and 360 came out, we were going to be spoiled big time with the greatness of Madden. Here's hoping.

But to answer the question, doesn't matter about who the cover athlete is.
# 8 twigstudios @ 03/31/11 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by DEFTFUNDAMENTALZ
I couldn't care less.
This. 9 times out of 10 I get a custom cover done anyway.
# 9 berad88 @ 03/31/11 06:57 PM
I am not a person that cares what the cover looks like but you should never vote no towards having a choice. I voted yes. I like the idea.
# 10 khaliib @ 03/31/11 07:15 PM
Another area were EA is behind.

Gamer's have been making their own Custom Covers for a while now.
Even for Marketing purposes, they are not up to date with their consumers.
They say they listen, but such attempts are released year after year.

When a person spends over $300 for a Game system + $65 for games, they are NOT Casual.
So who are they trying to reach with attempts like these?
# 11 DurtySoufReppin @ 03/31/11 07:36 PM
Go Vick!!!
# 12 DirtyJerz32 @ 03/31/11 08:24 PM
I could care less. I use costume covers anyway. IMO, they should put that money their paying the guy and put it towards making the game better.
# 13 misterbroom12 @ 03/31/11 09:00 PM
# 14 BlackJack_Williams @ 03/31/11 09:11 PM
Could care less. I wouldn't buy the game for a cover lol
# 15 ven0m43 @ 03/31/11 11:41 PM
EA should have a cover contest each year , where the winner gets a free copy of the game.
# 16 da ThRONe @ 03/31/11 11:49 PM
LOL @ voting on whether or not we like voting.
# 17 johnprestonevans @ 04/01/11 06:27 AM
I don't care who is on the cover of a game. It does make any difference to me in terms of making a purchase decision. I do not vote on cover athletes.
# 18 GlennN @ 04/01/11 09:06 AM
I never understood the interest of who (or what) is on the cover of a game. I am not even sure I could tell you who (or what) is on the cover of half of my games. Of no interest to me.
# 19 Exonerated @ 04/01/11 10:40 AM
Vote 1 Vick.
# 20 The Amaizen Blue @ 04/01/11 11:44 AM
I still think it's BS that a Chicago Blackhawk got the NHL cover 2 years in a row... But other teams with great players to be on the cover, don't get chosen...

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