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Here is the official fix list for the upcoming second patch for NASCAR The Game 2011.

Below is a list of issues we are working on for the next Patch. This isn't a list of all the outstanding problems but we'd like to get this Patch out ASAP and these are the key issues that are stopping the majority of players from enjoying the game. As each item is fixed, the status will be updated. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Fix lack of Caution Flags - To Be Fixed
Fix issues with the A.I. exiting the pits and then pulling straight up the track - To Be Fixed
Reconfigure the damage to improve the look and add more debris on impact - To Be Fixed
Fix Cautions Lights being illuminated all of the time - To Be Fixed
Improve the PS3 voice comms - To Be Fixed
Fix the Rolling Starts Online/Offline so the cars begin in the correct formation and together - To Be Fixed
Improve FFB and wheel sensitivity options - To Be Fixed
Fix the instant wrecking during Online Rolling Starts - To Be Fixed
Fix the Lobby Race Start Counter freezing - To Be Fixed
Fix Spotter saying “Clear” too often - To Be Fixed
Improve general stability and freezing issues - To Be Fixed


Change the Gas indicator so it defaults to full in the pit stop interface - To Be Fixed
Draft effect both on the car and visual to be tweaked - To Be Fixed
In Private games, the host will start the timer when they are ready - To Be Fixed
Add support for the Porsche GT2 wheel - To Be Added
Add support for the T500 wheel - To Be Added
Allow the HUD to be completely turned off - To Be Added
Free up the A.I. cars so that when they are hit by a player they will get loose - To Be Fixed
Ensure only Carl Edwards performs a back flip - To Be Fixed
Add the ability to change your Online Car - To Be Added


A.I. being overly aggressive when bump drafting the player
A.I. difficulty being too easy when qualifying
A.I. pitting problems causing them to collide in to each other
A.I. bunching on certain tracks
A.I. slamming their brakes on for no reason
Hitting the wall often turns the car ending up with the player facing the wrong way

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Member Comments
# 21 chapmac24 @ 04/01/11 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Brew
I hope they can *** some of the paint booth glitches. Its really hard to pinpoint the cause of them as its so random.
Ive only been able to make one logo.(Gatorade G) using all primitive shapes and have it stay in tact when I place it on the car. Ive made a Jordan logo and the Gatorade bottle lightning bolt and they look great in the decal editor but all the pieces are misplaced when I go to apply the decal. There is nothing more frustrating than spending 20 minutes making something only for it to corrupt when finished and still show intact in the decal lists.
Yeah I agree with the paint booth issues... I am having my shapes rotate as well, ruining the decal I created.. As well as sometimes all the layers won't show up unless I click on it and a**ust it then i can see it ALSO sometimes I will be driving a solid color car with no designs or anything... I assume all of this will be overlooked however due to the other, larger and 'more important' problems with the game, but one can hope
# 22 Cocca @ 04/01/11 06:59 PM
I'm encouraged by their eagerness to *** the game. I like how the game is now but it wasn't quite as I expected. I thought I'd be able to run a race long enough to pit 2-3 times, have it take about a half hour, enough to really feel like pit strategy and car management are factors. The way the game is now I can only play it as a quick 10-20 lap affair with maybe one pit stop. Hopefully they can *** enough of the problems to make running longer races fun.

Hopefully either in this patch or the next they address the green flag pit issues. (Getting burned on green flag pits)
# 23 Matty86 @ 04/01/11 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by The Biscuit 07
@Matty86: This does not need to be ***ed nor will it be changed. NASCAR removed the racing back to the line under yellow a few years back. It's not a part of the rules anymore so they won't add it to this game. If you want to race through a wreck through to pick up spots just turn off the yellow flag completely.
Ah didn't even know that. This is the first year I've started following Nascar again since I was younger. Glad they took it out of the rules in real life for safety's sake, but it's still fun picking a spot and trying to come through the smoke without wrecking a-la Days of Thunder.
# 24 pvn100 @ 04/02/11 03:55 PM
Honestly, this game is shocking.

Graphics? Amazing. Sound? Incredible. Bugs? TONS.

My first race, just an exhibition...Well, it seemed odd when a major wreck occurred near the start finish line, involving every car. The game couldn't handle it. The cars stopped moving, and it proceeded to give me caution after caution ( I think it was at caution 150 when I shut it off).

But oh well, games have glitches. So I began my season.

I noticed in my first Daytona race that it was odd that only a couple other cars were pitting. As it turns out, I was really the only one pitting. The pack never pitted. Around lap 80, there started being major wrecks near pit lane EVERY lap. We're talking about cars flying everywhere every lap until lap 97, each one involving 3/4 the pack. Once in a while I was able to zoom through untouched, but everytime it started me around 38-42nd place incorrectly. With all these crashes, NOT ONE car left the track (DNF). Totally unrealistic and unenjoyable.

I could go on...Folks this beautiful game is ruined by its maker releasing a project that was no where ready to ship.

Such a shame.
# 25 JeremyB @ 04/03/11 10:56 AM
Hi Guys

I found a weird bug that I only had once and thought I would ask here to see if anybody else had it ( dont know if there is a bug thread ) the bug was that only the steering wheel was turning and not the drivers hands? I think I was using Jeff Gordan's primary car. I exited the game and tried again but havent had it again. Im on the PS3

# 26 nolafan33 @ 06/19/11 02:34 PM
How do I get this patch? I thought something was supposed to come up the first time I put the disk in my 360, and it did, I downloaded the update but not a thing happened.
# 27 mercalnd @ 06/19/11 02:44 PM
The patch is not out yet.
# 28 yanksfan72 @ 06/22/11 03:42 PM
where is the patch this is the most redonk thing, I'm starting to think that patch number 2 nor the 2011 models are coming out, the lack of info from the producers of this games leaves me to think no patch 2 is going to be issued, sorry guys don't expcect one, I have been waiting since the game came out for a patch
# 29 franko3219 @ 06/22/11 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by yanksfan72
where is the patch this is the most redonk thing, I'm starting to think that patch number 2 nor the 2011 models are coming out, the lack of info from the producers of this games leaves me to think no patch 2 is going to be issued, sorry guys don't expcect one, I have been waiting since the game came out for a patch
The producers have been in communication with the community on their forums, the problem is that since late april, everytime the patch nears submission they find another "bug", I mean at this point it is almost comical to see another update about a bug here and a bug there, I mean we are almost halfway through the Nascar season and anyone planning to do a league has probably cancelled those plans.

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