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Over the next few weeks, EA Sports will show 25 new plays that you will find in NCAA Football 12.

New offensive plays will be shown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while a new defensive play every Tuesday and Thursday. Each new play will be accompanied by a screen of the play art and a brief description of why the play has been added to NCAA Football 12.

Play #15 features the PA Husker Y Post.

"Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post - Nebraska’s offense is known for generating big plays in the running game. To compliment their explosive rushing attack the Huskers will often use play action passes. Shotgun Trio HB Wk PA Husker Y Post is a play Nebraska uses with great success for getting the ball deep down the field to their tight end for a touchdown."

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Member Comments
# 1 SpreadEm @ 04/01/11 10:54 AM
It took long enough but I found it I hope ea gets the formation right by flexing the hb

8:52 Mark

If EA doesn't create the invereted veer that they are running just like auburn and tcu it would be a shame, that and the shovel option that florida ran under urban meyer
# 2 jared52 @ 04/01/11 11:07 AM
Please, please let this mean that play action is viable this year and not a gauranteed sack.
# 3 TracerBullet @ 04/01/11 11:52 AM
It's crazy that you guys keep finding videos of these plays in real life so shortly after the play comes out lol.
# 4 Roggie @ 04/01/11 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by TracerBullet
It's crazy that you guys keep finding videos of these plays in real life so shortly after the play comes out lol.
It shouldn't be too hard, since the plays are based off of real life plays.
# 5 SeaOfRed75 @ 04/01/11 12:36 PM
Had to watch the whole video.

Now if I can just run that offense in the game. Instead I run heavy but out of the ace and I.
# 6 BROman @ 04/01/11 12:57 PM
nice play, especially if your wr's are fast mother ******s
# 7 ESPNrandomkid12 @ 04/01/11 02:03 PM
i like it. Would be a very nice play to use on 2nd and short
# 8 the_EDJ @ 04/01/11 03:10 PM
Looks good. The HB leaking out to the right would make it perfect though. Rex runs an out route, he doesn't stay in to block.
# 9 noplace @ 04/01/11 03:30 PM
Lol, knew someone was gonna point out the formation because that was the 1st thing I noticed. Bad thing is NU has a new offense this season so basing it off 2010 will have us again searching for a offense that matches or comes close.
# 10 nighttrain32 @ 04/01/11 05:01 PM
I'd hate to be a downer, but where are the gadget plays? No reverses, shovel passes, double passes, wild*** variations, etc.? We're over half way through and only one 'new' play has been revealed. I thought we'd see something crazy by now.
# 11 44drob @ 04/01/11 05:43 PM
I highly doubt the PA will work this year !!!
# 12 Tengo Juego @ 04/01/11 08:18 PM
Kyler Reed is going to be sooo money on this play.
# 13 BlackBetty15 @ 04/03/11 03:28 PM
Man I hope there is custom playbooks this year because this one is in the top 5 for sure. Love my big te's!!!
# 14 Landlordos7 @ 04/03/11 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by Tengo Juego
Kyler Reed is going to be sooo money on this play.

The only reason we had amazing success with this play throughout the season (yes, it's the same one he scored on against Okie State, Missouri, KSU and maybe another) is because teams were geared so heavily to stop the run at those specific times, ala old school Nebraska. The play by itself isn't the greatest, it's the very definition of a setup play. Hopefully the devs understood that with watching film and putting this in.
# 15 Seanzie @ 04/05/11 09:39 AM
I swear this play was already in the game. Maybe not in Nebraska's playbook, but I think it was in somewhere...

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