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According to Gamerbytes, a Burnout Crash downloadable game could be headed our way, for the PS3 and 360.

"Burnout Crash has been rated by the Australian Classification Board, and doing some extra digging via Linkedin profile search, the game is a Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game.

While nothing currently states that the game is a downloadable title, it could very well be a new retail Burnout game, the lack of announcements prior to its rating has previously meant it was a downloadable game. Also, and this is purely a hypothesis, but being called Burnout Crash may mean this is a title entirely based around Burnout 3 and Revenge's Crash Mode, a sorely missing feature of Burnout Paradise."

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# 1 the_EDJ @ 04/04/11 08:56 AM
I would buy this if it was a standalone Download-only Crash mode. I'm not invested enough in Burnout to worry about the race mode. But Crash mode is a great time waster/party game. I would easily pay $10 for a dedicated crash mode with different objectives.

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