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Over the next few weeks, EA Sports will show 25 new plays that you will find in Madden NFL 12.

To be clear, there are more than 25 new plays in the game. Each day, a new play will be accompanied by a screen of the play art and a brief description of why the play has been added to Madden NFL 12.

Play #8 features the Falcons X Drag.

"Falcons - Gun Trey Open - Falcons X Drag - QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy White have become one of the most feared passing threats in the NFL. On this play, the Falcons like to align White tight while isolating him on the backside and have him run an underneath drag route. White also has an option route that will allow him to check up against zone coverage while continuing across the field against man coverage. This play was used in a Week 2 game versus the Cardinals."

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# 1 hampshire2012 @ 04/04/11 08:59 AM
Interesting.... perhaps I'm reading too much into this but will receivers now run option routes correctly depending on the coverage?
# 2 the_EDJ @ 04/04/11 09:53 AM
Filthy looking play. Not only do you have the effective motion drag route, now as an option route with a hitch, but combining it with the abused trips streak formation with the inside guy breaking off at an angle for an easy catch.
# 3 TheDelta @ 04/04/11 10:11 AM
Looks incredibly cheesy, to be honest. Four Verticals made even stronger by the perfect underneath/dumpoff route in X.
# 4 lolfalconsbeatu @ 04/05/11 07:20 PM
This may very well become an instant "Money" play lol. In Madden '10 and '11, anytime "A" went on that crossing route (especially out of trips), there was a nice window to hit that crossing route just about every time.

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