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Over the next few weeks, EA Sports will show 25 new plays that you will find in NCAA Football 12.

New offensive plays will be shown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while a new defensive play every Tuesday and Thursday. Each new play will be accompanied by a screen of the play art and a brief description of why the play has been added to NCAA Football 12.

Play #18 features the Tiger Buck Sweep.

"Shotgun Wing Trips Wk Tiger Buck Sweep – Clemson’s new no-huddle shotgun based offense will strive for balance with the run and pass. A staple run play of the Tigers’ new offense figures to be Shotgun Wing Trips WK Tiger Buck Sweep. The play is an off shoot of the Wing-T Buck Sweep in which both guards pull and lead block for the ball carrier."

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# 1 SonOfEd @ 04/06/11 08:18 AM
Nice power run out of the shotgun. If the OL pulls properly this should be a solid play.
# 2 44drob @ 04/06/11 08:39 AM
Ea stepping it up !!!
# 3 j_baker09 @ 04/06/11 09:08 AM
It looks good on paper but its never easy to run out of shotgun ... hopefully that's fixed
# 4 SpreadEm @ 04/06/11 10:36 AM
I have never seen clemson run the bucksweep but i have seen flordia, auburn and oregon run the buck

# 5 SpreadEm @ 04/06/11 10:38 AM
15 second mark on the video for more spread videos you can subcribe to my youtube page

# 6 Roggie @ 04/06/11 11:59 AM
I'm really hoping that even though teams are specifically named and have their school name or nickname in the play that they're available in more than just their playbook.
# 7 Palo20 @ 04/06/11 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by SpreadEm
I have never seen clemson run the bucksweep but i have seen flordia, auburn and oregon run the buck

I think they have a new OC this year.
# 8 SpreadEm @ 04/06/11 12:24 PM
That must be the case because if clemson did start running the bucksweep they had to learn it from the auburn game that they played this year, Just like how they copied off of TCU when the hornfrogs debut the "Inverted Veer" in 2009 to slow down Da'Quan Bowers. I really hope that EA get the shotgun run's corrected this year especially the power, veer and counter
# 9 SonOfEd @ 04/06/11 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Palo20
I think they have a new OC this year.
Yeah, they landed the OC from Tulsa, who was a student of Malzahn.
Clemson should be fun to watch this year.
# 10 Slaticus @ 04/06/11 02:13 PM
Ha ha. Malzahn is a wing T guy at heart. In the Delaware terminology that is Gun 21. Buck sweep in deed lol.

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