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Have you ever played a full 162 game season in a MLB game? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is in right-hand column. For those voting in the forums, vote above.

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# 1 Bumble14 @ 04/06/11 03:20 PM
Played 5 162 game seasons in MVP 05. There was just something about the pace of those games and the pride of my team in owner mode that kept me coming back. I never wanted to give the cpu a chance to mess things up via sim.
# 2 fightinchicken26 @ 04/06/11 03:20 PM
I finally managed to last year with MLB 10 The Show. By summer, I was pretty burnt out, but after several months of not playing and the thrill of the playoffs, I finally crossed the finish line in the fall. I hope to again in this year's edition. I actually found playing a 162 game season very enjoyable, though I was hesitant at first.
# 3 thaima1shu @ 04/06/11 03:20 PM
Played a full season last year in The Show. Lost in game 7 in the ALCS. That SUCKED. Really didn't want to keep going with season 2 after that, heh.
# 4 DJ @ 04/06/11 03:23 PM
MVP 05 I came close. I believe I played 140 or so games with the Rockies, made the playoffs and was bounced in 3 straight by the Phillies in the NLDS.

I also came close with High Heat 2003.

Both of those games had a nice pace to them; I could finish a game in 25-45 minutes.

Today's games are great but they take FOREVER! I'm not a fan of simming, so what I'm going to do this year with MLB The Show is use 30-team control and just jump into random games here and there as the schedule advances.

I use MLB 2K to follow the reason MLB season and play games that interest me via MLB Today.
# 5 ThaGreatDane @ 04/06/11 03:44 PM
Going to attempt it this year with my Royals on 2k. I can play about 3-4 games a night after school if I dont have anything going on. So ill keep it posted on the Dynasty thread.
# 6 mgjohns61585 @ 04/06/11 03:47 PM
There is no way I can play that many games. I play around 30 in franchise and by that time NCAA Football comes out and I won't play it again until after Christmas.
# 7 gigadkc @ 04/06/11 03:48 PM
"unfortunately" I've got a real life, so the answer is no

that's why I don't care about franchise mode at all, because I never make it to the 2nd season anyway. Once I'll lose my job I'll play a full 162 game season
# 8 Dazraz @ 04/06/11 03:52 PM
I play 1 game from each series of games throughout the season. I no longer have the time to even consider playing every game on the schedule although I have done so in the past when I had less responsibilities.
# 9 twigstudios @ 04/06/11 04:16 PM
Yes. I played all 162 games of Triple Play Baseball on the PS1 way back in 1996. That was before a full-time job, school, marriage or kids. Now I wouldn't even try it. Couldn't, even if i wanted to.
# 10 justinjones.us @ 04/06/11 04:20 PM
I played two seasons in last years MLB The Show. The first year I got knocked out and swept in the final series before the World Series, and then won the world series in the next year. But after that I was too burnt out, and didn't play franchise mode again till this year haha.
# 11 24 @ 04/06/11 04:24 PM
i played through 3 seasons of owner mode in MVP 05. I just couldn't put the game down. I still have it saved on my ps2 so when ever i get the urge to play its there
# 12 scootermojo @ 04/06/11 04:27 PM
I did it 5 years in a row on whatever game I liked that specific year that was available for PS2. Each year I created myself and put myself playing second on the Red Sox. I also never played ahead of the real schedule and made all the transactions as they happened in the real MLB in real-time when they happened.

The 1st year I did it was in 2003 on High Heat 2004 (why it was '04 in '03 is beyond me). The AL playoffs, division winners and Wild-Card where EXACTLY the way they were in real life even down to series winners, AL Pennant and number of games in each series. Yeah, I lost in 7 games to the Yankees in the ALCS...that sucked.

In 2004 I used the ESPN Major League Baseball 2004 and won the World Series and beat the Yanks in 7 games in the ALCS but did not come back from 3 games to none down....BUT...in the NLCS the Phillies came back from being down 3-0 to beat the Astros in another case of video game mimicking reality. I also traded Nomar at the trading deadline like they did despite him hitting a ton for me.

In 2005 I used Major League Baseball 2005 and lost to the Angels in the ALCS in 5 games...their relievers owned me and I only won Game 1 and got smoked.

In 2006 I switched to MLB 2K6 and beat the Giants in 7 games in the World Series...I was up 3 games to 1 and the Giants came back so I just kept on walking Barry Bonds (aka, Joe Young) who was a beast.

In 2007, the last year I did it, I switched to The Show: 07 and had one of the most realistic seasons ever. I faced the Mets in the World Series and was up 2 games to 0 in but they came back and won 4 straight after I somehow couldn't hit anymore and lost my batting eye.

I still simulate a real-time season but I no longer am able to play all the games plus I don't create me, either. I just pick games here and there both in the regular season and playoffs. I still keep up on all the transactions and don't skip ahead...I may get behind but it's easy to catch-up even after a month of not playing. It's always fun and I change the setting so it seems the most realistic to how I play....plus I always get some interesting results, too.
# 13 justinjones.us @ 04/06/11 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by cardsleadtheway
Oh yeah. I think I got something like 10 years in MVP05 before I finally shelved it. I know people will disagree, but I still think that game was the greatest baseball game ever. The Show has since surpassed it in many ways, excluding fielding of course, but if you take into consideration the time and what it was capable of, there is no contest.
I can still sit down and play the MVP 05/06 especially MVP College. The MVP College Baseball is still in my top 5 favorites sport games of all time.
# 14 ozeman @ 04/06/11 04:29 PM
Played 162 with MLB 2K10.

I waited a week till first Downloadable roster was available with call ups etc and then played 1 game every day using the real roster and lineups used each game from the day before by the Red Sox.

It kept the game interesting and fun, not over played since it was just 1 full game a night on hurry up baseball.

I lost the playoffs in 6 games. But it didnt feel bad at all.

I will be doing the same with 2K11 this season.
# 15 n8fever @ 04/06/11 04:32 PM
I won't play the whole season, but I break it up into each series. I look at who I have pitching and will generally sim at least 1 game in a 3 game set. The goal is to make sure that I take at least 2 of 3 in each.

If my #5 is pitching the 1st game of the series, I sim.
Play game 2.
If I win both of those, I sim game 3. Otherwise, I play game 3.

It makes it more interesting to have a little pressure to win a rubber game, IMO. At least it adds a little drama to a long season.
# 16 scootermojo @ 04/06/11 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by ozeman
Played 162 with MLB 2K10.

I waited a week till first Downloadable roster was available with call ups etc and then played 1 game every day using the real roster and lineups used each game from the day before by the Red Sox.

It kept the game interesting and fun, not over played since it was just 1 full game a night on hurry up baseball.

I lost the playoffs in 6 games. But it didnt feel bad at all.

I will be doing the same with 2K11 this season.
I waited until Knight posted those rosters and started doing the same the past few years and I feel the same....it keeps the game interesting throughout the following season by playing only 1 game a night or 1 here and there. It's interesting to see the virtual world stats and standings compared to the real-life counterpart.
# 17 dmanzano @ 04/06/11 04:38 PM
I did it in MLB 09TS, only to be eliminated on the ALDS by the angels
# 18 ktd1976 @ 04/06/11 04:45 PM
the last game I played all 162 games (plus playoffs) was Ken Griffey Jr. presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo. (in that game, you HAD to play the games, there was no sim)

I have finished full seasons in MLB 08, 09, and 10, but I usually simmed around 30 games.
# 19 porkys8077 @ 04/06/11 04:48 PM
All the time.
# 20 bigjdotcom01 @ 04/06/11 04:48 PM
I finally made it through a full season in MLB 09, although I only finished after I picked the game back up in the spring of 2010 after setting it aside for about five months. To top it off, my Diamondbacks went just (65-97) so I wasn't even in contention for most of the season. But to me, baseball isn't always about being in contention. I really enjoyed it.

I have MLB 10 and I only played 46 games into the 2010 season with the Marlins, but I am about to pick it up again and continue. I am thinking that I may just skip MLB 11 this year since there doesn't seem to be a huge difference over MLB 10.

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