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SSX: Deadly Descents will now be known as SSX. As mentioned in a recent GameInformer interview with Todd Batty, creative director of the game.

"When EA debuted its new SSX game at the Spike Video Game awards, fans began to fear that the series was straying from its roots – that it was taking on a more realistic, darker edge. In truth, developer EA Canada is taking everything that made the original SSX snowboarding titles great and shaping it into something that will be relevant in today’s market. SSX (now the game’s official title) features a global playing field of at least 70 mountains for players to race down, and will boast significant upgrades to the series’ trick and upgrade systems."

Source - All Hope May Not Be Lost For The New SSX (Kotaku)

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# 1 spit_bubble @ 04/08/11 03:50 PM
...features a global playing field of at least 70 mountains for players to race down...
Couldn't care less what they call it... Also don't really care that they added a flying suit or whatever it was they announced a while back...

70 mountains.
# 2 LionsFanNJ @ 04/09/11 02:04 AM
....70 mountains. I'm in.
# 3 Blzer @ 04/09/11 03:12 AM
This is shaping up to be much, much better than once envisioned. I think they listened to the customer, which is why it's going to take them so long to release it now.

I'll definitely be getting this.
# 4 DickDalewood @ 04/11/11 01:12 AM
Wow... Day 1.
# 5 raidersbball20 @ 04/12/11 12:01 AM
seems like they were going into a more realistic direction and now they must be changing everything to make it like the original

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