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According to ITST, a Top Spin 4 balancing update is now available. 2K will release these updates, from time to time, to balance the game.

Here are a list of fixes.
  • Tuning of Power serves and Advanced serves.
  • Tuning of the following skills: Serve Stick Berserker, Drop Shot Artist, Focus Service.
  • Directional buttons player control added.

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# 1 The Visualizer @ 04/11/11 12:38 AM
what was wrong with dropshots that needed tuning? I thought they worked as they should have, I found it pretty difficult to lay down a good one that couldn't be returned, you really had to pick your spots. I guess they will make them easier so people can't sit back and play from the baseline as much?

I'll check it out tomorrow, interested to see what they did to make serving more difficult. Thanx for the heads up rangerrick.
# 2 Randiesel75 @ 04/11/11 08:41 AM
I got the same message this morning. Looks like a tuner set was pushed out for this title.
# 3 rangerrick012 @ 04/11/11 04:06 PM
Found this info on ITST:
FYI - the last night update that you guys received was not a patch.

What you have downloaded is Player Balancing Update.

2K will be releasing these from time to time to constantly balance the game. There will be more. They will be monitoring this thread and will try and come up with solutions for Balancing Issues. Remember, taking care of one balancing issue may create another. So this is a "process" a journey and not a "final destination".

Patch is a separate update that is nearing its completion and will be released separately, along with notes on updated features.

I am speaking on behalf on 2K. They gave me a courtesy of "heads up" and as a token, I would appreciate if you can refrain from bashing the developer on our Boards. They have been very responsive to us and I would like to keep it this way. As always, all constructive suggestions and requests are more then welcomed.

Nice they released this, but it would be nice if 2k gave us some sort of heads up or a statement. Even on their official forums I couldn't find anything about it. Oh well, thanks I guess.
# 4 Randiesel75 @ 04/11/11 06:09 PM
Good stuff. Thanks, Rick.
# 5 rspencer86 @ 04/11/11 08:04 PM
Very good to see they tweaked serving. I was getting very frustrated playing online with the people who would just hit unreturnable serve after unreturnable serve. Come on, that's not fun or even remotely realistic.
# 6 DustinT @ 04/11/11 08:30 PM
I'm glad they're tweaking serving. It's one of the very few things that needed to be adjusted.
# 7 Randiesel75 @ 04/11/11 08:50 PM
I haven't played much online, lately. Can those of you with the tuner update advise if the balancing efforts are noticeable?
# 8 rangerrick012 @ 04/11/11 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Randiesel75
I haven't played much online, lately. Can those of you with the tuner update advise if the balancing efforts are noticeable?
As far as serving, it's definitely harder for me to hit aces. I've played 6 or 7 online matches and still haven't gotten an ace, which is fine since my guy's only a 70 serve. I still get big ones in, just not as many aces. I haven't played any of those max servers yet, but it does seem like serve timing has been made a bit harder.
# 9 rspencer86 @ 04/12/11 12:37 PM
I played a couple matches last night and the difference is rather subtle. If you play against guys with a very high serve rating they will still hit a lot of near-impossible-to-return serves at a higher-than-normal average. It is a little bit better though.
# 10 The Visualizer @ 04/12/11 02:24 PM
played 2 online matches today against non-created players

-seems like they threw a little bit of randomness into placing serves, before the tuner once I got the right touch with a specific player I could usually rile off 2 or 3 aces in a row, didn't seem to happen today. My high for a 3 set match is still probably only 6 or 7. I'd say I average 3 a match.

I only had 2 in 2 matches with Ivan Lendl, seemed like when I got the touch right it would find a way to just land centimeters outside the line for a fault most times. 2 matches is hardly a good sample size but I like the results, should be able to make playing against big servers a little more realistic.
# 11 nikoemo @ 05/02/11 07:27 PM
is this just for online play?

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