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Over the next few weeks, EA Sports will show 25 new plays that you will find in Madden NFL 12.

To be clear, there are more than 25 new plays in the game. Each day, a new play will be accompanied by a screen of the play art and a brief description of why the play has been added to Madden NFL 12.

Play #13 features the Dolphins Wheel.

"Dolphins - Doubles Wk - Dolphins Wheel - New Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll used this play last year in Cleveland with Peyton Hillis catching a 19-yard touchdown pass during a Week 5 game versus the Atlanta Falcons. The HB will run a wheel route out of the backfield while the two receivers to that side run routes to clear out the defense."

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# 1 Senator Palmer @ 04/11/11 11:05 AM
New Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll used this play last year in Cleveland
Hmm, taking into account coordinator specific plays in building the playbooks? I like it.

Wonder if I can read anything more into that on what's to come?
# 2 BezO @ 04/11/11 11:24 AM
D-fense! D-fense!
# 3 TheDelta @ 04/11/11 12:02 PM
Money play. One of A, Y and LB will always be open on this one.
# 4 Chrisksaint @ 04/11/11 12:05 PM
This play is gonna be so nice with the Saints as i'm sure with other teams
# 5 SpreadEm @ 04/11/11 07:00 PM

at the 40 second mark
# 6 poiszg @ 04/11/11 10:25 PM
the background on the picture was updated
# 7 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/11/11 11:44 PM
Very nice play. This is another good play I will be putting into my Custom Playbook in August. Like someonejust said this is a money play all the way. Depend on if the AI pressing on the WRs or not. But very nice play to say the least.
# 8 scottyo60 @ 04/12/11 09:29 AM
All these plays being added are money plays. I really dont know if I am that excited about eithers added plays considering how broken defense is on so many routes... the running back should be wide open here

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