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# 1 statum71 @ 04/19/11 05:40 PM
First day. Easy.
# 2 blkprince04 @ 04/19/11 05:41 PM
no doubt about it, 1st day buy....
# 3 MrNFL_FanIQ @ 04/19/11 05:43 PM
No thanks. Not EA's fault though. As long as the BCS exists, I can't bring myself to take CFB seriously.
# 4 turftickler @ 04/19/11 05:44 PM
I may pick it up 2 weeks later after all the reviews drop. If I don't here or see a lot of problems in the gameplay department, I will drop $60 on it.
# 5 statum71 @ 04/19/11 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by turftickler
I may pick it up 2 weeks later after all the reviews drop. If I don't here or see a lot of problems in the gameplay department, I will drop $60 on it.
You may as well expect to miss out then Turf. If thats what you're going on.

NCAA can be the best football game since NFL 2K5...and people are STILL gonna come on here and trash the gameplay.

Gameplay people seem to be the majority here on OS.
# 6 Cutxboy @ 04/19/11 05:57 PM
Can't wait !!! I'm a big college fans then a madden fan !!!
# 7 sportznut02 @ 04/19/11 06:00 PM
I can`t wait for this game. I will jumping up and down for joy once the game is in my hands.
# 8 rdelizo35 @ 04/19/11 06:01 PM
Pretty excited since I haven't bought or played any NCAA Football game in a long while.
# 9 jagsrock95 @ 04/19/11 06:13 PM
So pumped from what ive seen so far it's gonna be amazing, I mean 11 was great and 12 looks like it's got all the things needed to be even better! presentation wise it looks solid if they can upgrade game modes and fix the defense it could be the only game my xbox see's for a long time. Oh and Dat Grasss mhmhh =P
# 10 Blitzburgh @ 04/19/11 06:24 PM
I am a big believer that graphics will pull people in to take a look at a game and these graphics are the best I have seen! Heck, the grass alone has me looking to give this game a shot! lol

The problem then becomes does it play well and hold my interest? Time will tell...
# 11 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/19/11 06:32 PM
After what I have seen so far in this little bit of info. Yes this is a day one. LOL Well this is a day one no matter what anyway. But things on NCAA12 right now is looking great. Can't wait for some more info this coming week.
# 12 rudyjuly2 @ 04/19/11 06:37 PM
Still need more info but the sizzle trailer was very nice and the new guy Roy Harvey has my confidence after last year's improvements. Vote excited.
# 13 BigFan77 @ 04/19/11 06:56 PM
Im so buying it! :-)
# 14 TheBrothers24 @ 04/19/11 07:00 PM
Need to see what they did with offline dynasty before it becomes a day 1 purchase.

If they fix recruiting(make schools recruit players who fit their system), player ratings(no more Wrs and RBs with terrible agil, accel), and make coaches(head coaches and coordinators) matter then it will become a day 1 purchase.
# 15 carvis#15 @ 04/19/11 07:02 PM
I can't wait. I saw new tackles, presentation and even new gear (i.e adidas cleats). It seems like they are throwing something new into this game. That's what the people like...new stuff. I do believe that this game seems like it can be better though.
# 16 bartolet7 @ 04/19/11 07:03 PM
I love college football too much so this is the game I wait for every year, warts and all. REALLY looking forward to it this year. The sizzle trailer ramped up the anticipation even more. How long till July . . .
# 17 elprez98 @ 04/19/11 07:09 PM
I'm probably going to buy it. However, nothing on the video has increase my excitement at all.
# 18 jjsmitty34 @ 04/19/11 07:10 PM
I really hope they looked at Recruiting deep into a dynasty (10 qb's on roster) and the depth chart problem (players out of position) ..
# 19 Indiansbro @ 04/19/11 07:11 PM
I put five dollars down on it. I gotta see what they say as far as gameplay and the carrer modes before I get it tho.
# 20 Timmy458 @ 04/19/11 07:12 PM
Right now it is a easy 1st day buy.

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