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Now this is not widely tested... but everyone who has done this, seems to have fixed the in game stuttering and intro stutter.

And also would explain why those who did HDD upgrades, had their PS3 for a while have more of an issue than those who have brand new slims. (database is more garbled)

The HDD is constantly access by today's games, and while it is not a Windows style OS the PS3 uses (it is supposed to restructure every boot up and shut down, thus no defrag utility) it can sometimes get a little clustered, especially if you do a lot of gaming, and PSN demo downloading, etc.

These two links walk you through how to rebuild your PS3's database.


http://www.ps3blog.net/2011/01/28/ti...recovery-menu/ (with pictures)

Those of us who have done this, eliminated the intro stutter, and in game stuttering all together.

It is fast, and simple, and all you will lose is the custom folders, messages, and playlists made (in which you can back them up ahead of time), and have to reapply proper audio/video settings.

Hope this helps clear this up for everyone.

NOTE: This is good to do once a month if you game and PSN heavy, or once every couple of months casually. Think of it like de-fragging your computer. So even if you don't get the stutter, it is good to maintain the HDD and have a happy running PS3. It will perform better across the board in all areas.

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# 1 Siddo4ty4 @ 04/19/11 05:42 PM

Great note below on why you should do this periodically.

It is important even in computers because sometimes your hard drive will have a sector that gets corrupted by the pins scratching the small discs inside of them.

This can be caused by a virus, dropping your machine, causing heavy vibrations to the HDD while its running, or a static electric shock which can cause the hard drive to short out. Its important because when you rebuild your database it automatically detects a bad sector and flags it to prevent any data from being written on it. That is the point of rebuilding a database. (If you have ever done a defrag of your hard drive then you would understand it better.)

When data is written on a hard drive now a days the software will automatically pick a designated area on the HDD with enough space to install the program. Sometimes its randomly placed in several areas of the HDD. But the more programs you put on there the more crowded it looks on the Hard drive. So the next application will find a certain amount space to fill it with data thus chopping the entire application up and putting it in several places on the disk.

Just like when you scratch a Vinyl its ruined forever... However a HDD can prevent itself from "treading" there.

You might say "So... It can still read it right?" True but it causes more stress on the machine... Imagine if you wrote a book and skipped like maybe 30 pages between chapters. Then you decide to write a second book but you don't have a completely fresh new book. So you instead decide to use those 30 free pages of your previous book to write the new story. Some spaces you had to limit to 10 because you were running out of room. Think about how hard it would be for someone else to read it.

On a Hard drive there are several discs inside of it each with their own reading pin. So to make programs run faster it puts bits of information on each disc so each pin is reading data in the same area but on a different disc.

# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 04/19/11 05:55 PM
Thanks for more explanation into this area!

Good stuff!
# 3 slickdtc @ 04/19/11 07:20 PM
Great informational thread and I highly recommend rebuilding the database if you've had your PS3 for a good amount of time and depending on your usage of it, as well.

I've had my 80 GB fat PS3 since January of 2009, making it over 2 years old. I never really had any problems, despite using it extensively for Netflix, MLB.tv, games, music, photos, and web browsing (though I tried to limit what sites I went to but still).

I had a problem with MLB 11 freezing in the post game loading screen. Was convinced my disc or PS3 was dead or dying. A few members here (Blzer, EnigmaNemesis) suggested rebuilding the database, I Google'd what the hell that even meant and how to do it, and viola! Problem solved. In the process, I learned it's just a good thing to do to maintain a healthy system and will do it every few months so I can get the most out of my PS3. As the walk-through I Google'd said, the PS3 treats us well, and we should do the same for it!
# 4 bukktown @ 04/19/11 08:25 PM
How long does it take to do?

edit... the blog says it took about 5 minutes if anyone else is wondering
# 5 Bamafan3723 @ 04/19/11 08:28 PM
So what exactly does this erase? Music, pictures, photos?
# 6 bukktown @ 04/19/11 08:43 PM
So did you guys select rebuild option 1 or 4?
# 7 EnigmaNemesis @ 04/19/11 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by bukktown
How long does it take to do?

edit... the blog says it took about 5 minutes if anyone else is wondering
Probably depending on how bad it is, took me no more than a minute though. But I also have a 7200 RPM drive in there now.

Originally Posted by Bamafan3723
So what exactly does this erase? Music, pictures, photos?
Erases only messages, and the "custom folders" and "playlists". Not the contents within them. Either back up the playlists and folders... or recreate them.

Originally Posted by bukktown
So did you guys select rebuild option 1 or 4?
Option 4 "Rebuild Database"


Option 1 just restarts the PS3 like restart on a PC.
# 8 bukktown @ 04/19/11 08:55 PM
Ahhh... I thought there were 4 options for rebuilding. Thanks for clarifying!

I'm about to do this because I have tons of stutter during my games.
# 9 slickdtc @ 04/19/11 09:10 PM
Originally Posted by Bamafan3723
So what exactly does this erase? Music, pictures, photos?
Yeah, like Enigma said, playlists, custom music folders, and PSN messages. Nothing too serious.

I have custom goal horns for NHL 11 all categorized by team as playlists, so it's a little inconvenient having to redo all that stuff, but it's worth it. Took me about 5-10 minutes today, no biggie.
# 10 dickey1331 @ 04/19/11 09:41 PM
Dang this is pretty cool. I have a 20gb (bigger now) launch ps3 so I probably should do this.

Do you really care where I sent this from?
# 11 mph2k @ 04/19/11 09:52 PM
Just did this on my 60gig. Took about 6 minutes. Game works fine now. Big thanks to EnigmaNemesis for this.
# 12 bukktown @ 04/19/11 10:24 PM
my 60gig took about 2 minutes. Went into COTW where i was getting stutter about every 10 pitches. Still got stutter but it was once every 20-25 pitches
# 13 spit_bubble @ 04/19/11 10:57 PM
This should be stickied at the top of every PS3 forum everywhere.
# 14 Stormyhog @ 04/19/11 11:59 PM
I did the rebuild and the intro stutter was fixed. Thanks Enigma for bringing this to my attention.
# 15 Entiae @ 04/20/11 04:42 AM
I will try this now and see if it works.

e. It sure did!
Thank you!
# 16 bisons18 @ 04/20/11 09:33 AM
Do I have to back-up my franchise before rebuilding my HDD??
# 17 maddguuns @ 04/20/11 11:20 AM
I did this last night...just to see if there is a difference. I have a fatty system with a 500gb 5400rpm hitachi in it. It took less time than it took me to go into my closest and change from my work clothes to some shorts (140gb filled up)...and now my MLB.tv doesn't get ugly and stutter randomly. Nice.
# 18 Entiae @ 04/20/11 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by bisons18
Do I have to back-up my franchise before rebuilding my HDD??
No, your game saves will not be deleted.
# 19 eddd @ 04/20/11 12:12 PM
Just rebuilt my database and the studdering at the start of the game is now gone. Thanks for the tip!
# 20 TheRock88 @ 04/20/11 12:37 PM
Just did it and no intro stutter! Thanks for the tip!

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