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It's known as racing's golden age. The late 1960s and early 1970s featured a range of race cars known for their powerful engines, technical handling capabilities and dramatic car designs. Beginning April 26, racing enthusiasts can experience the intensity of the driver's battle in some of this era's most iconic cars in the SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED™ Legends content pack.

Featured in the Legends pack are 14 classic cars, five of the world's most challenging classic race tracks, a whole new career branch and rival to beat as well as a bunch of new achievements / trophies to earn.

Players can purchase the Legends pack for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace or $9.99 on the PlayStation® Network.

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# 1 lnin0 @ 04/20/11 03:33 PM
Would be worth it if they fix the ice road trucker handling but otherwise the game cannot hold my interest enough to warrant spending more money on it. It can be enjoyable in short burst when helped by assists but the game has no staying power.

This looks like a great pack if it were not for the above. Granted it is a bit misleading saying five new tracks when I believe all those settings are already in the game - these are just new circuit configurations...or actually old ones.
# 2 cbrigante2 @ 04/21/11 07:38 AM
Looks pretty nice to me for 800 points. The only repeats I see on there are Monza and Silverstone I think, and I know Silverstone might as well be a new track from back in 1975. It looks like the Monza track surroundings got re-skinned to give it a look from the proper era.

Some nice cars in there as well. Yeah the handling takes a lot of tweaking to get right, but I'm still having fun with the game. I wrote off the drifting events when I first played them but had a friend talk me into trying them again. We now have a pretty good rivalry going on with the Autolog on drifting.
# 3 LucianoJJ @ 04/22/11 03:20 PM

Patch the handling first, then talk to me about DLC.
# 4 lnin0 @ 04/27/11 03:41 PM
This pack has been released. Picked it up yesterday.

It is a pretty good deal compared to what something like the overpriced Forza 3 car DLC or worthless track.

-Cars are not instantly added to your garage but are available at the car lot for $0
-6 new tracks, even if some are reworks, are nice. Old school Monza !
-They also added an entire new career path - something like 30 events and 40+ races so you can actually use these cars and tracks offline.

For me this Legends pack feels like I was getting a entirely new game or at least a nice expansion.

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