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Check out the newest Madden NFL 12 blog written by Justin Dewiel, Community Manager at EA Sports.

"Next week is going to be a big week for the Madden NFL franchise and YOU are going to be a major part of it. We’re going to kick the week off with a couple teaser videos showing you some of the additions/improvements coming to the presentation and gameplay aspects of Madden NFL 12. Set aside some time because you’re going to want to watch these videos more than once."

Source: Making The Cover: Madden NFL 12

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# 1 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/22/11 02:24 PM
Haha you got to it before me. But overall it's nice they are starting early next week with a few teaser videos. Like the idea of this. They are pretty much doing what NCAA 12 did this week. Going to be awsome next week. Can't wait.
# 2 jmurphy31 @ 04/22/11 02:39 PM
Sounds good to me. I wasnt expecting teaser videos early in the week, but it should be a good week for info for Madden. Tie this in with the draft and I am fired up for the football season (if and when it gets here)
# 3 RGiles36 @ 04/22/11 02:55 PM
This is a good blog from EA. For those of us that can be inpatient (myself included), it's informational and sets expectations for when we'll be getting info. I almost don't want to tune in so that I'm not completely turned off from M11.
# 4 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/22/11 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
I just hope it's not another bunch of thumbnail-sized videos where squinting to see is needed........
No bro I'm pretty sure they will give use a good video teaser this time around. Like they did with NCAA12 this week. I'm sure it is going to be exciting and fun next week.
# 5 Ike04 @ 04/23/11 12:39 AM
Vick for madden cover! and they probably are going to show off the game the same way ncaa has been. I just hope they have something extra in store.
# 6 johnnyg713 @ 04/23/11 05:04 PM
hmm wonder what all the guys saying they wouldnt buy madden if vick makes the cover are going to do this year.
# 7 tahjimoto @ 04/24/11 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by johnnyg713
hmm wonder what all the guys saying they wouldnt buy madden if vick makes the cover are going to do this year.

Play Ncaa Football 12!
# 8 poisedjase @ 04/26/11 09:42 AM
Btw, while you’re at it, take the day off work and make it a Madden day! This just happens to be the day where we announce the additions/improvements that are coming to presentation and gameplay in Madden NFL 12 and I’ve been told that we’ll have several videos for your viewing. As always, you’ll be able to watch the videos here on the official Madden NFL site or on the EA SPORTS Madden NFL Facebook page.
Go Browns!
Justin Dewiel - Community Manager

this all i have to say tell us to take a day off

are you crazy why would anyone take a day off watch what some updates or videos which pro take 10=15 mins most and they u lose all the money u could be earning then u have to plan what to do rest of the day

i never took a day off for a game coming out or a beta

and will never take a day off for madden news updates why lose money when i can be making money this just very stupid tell people take a day off

and with that said with ea keep up working on the game maybe this year it be the best madden pro not but im hopeful as long they inprove there game ill be happy

fix team play please why u play team play if u winning 35-7 the other team can jump off side every play 20 times in a row and not get booted ?

this just ruined the game be nice have leader boards to but allow to boot the guy they jumping off side every play because they mad u beating them

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