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Mike Young, Art Director of Madden NFL 12, has posted a detailed blog on many changes to the presentation aspect of the game. Be sure to check the

"The first major addition to presentation is a totally revamped pregame package, including authentic player entrances for all 32 NFL teams. All of the run-out details are featured, including tunnels, inflatables, pyro, cheerleaders, mascots, flags, vehicles, and animals. Whether your team has a no frills introduction like the Steelers or an over the top entrance like the Broncos, we have the details covered. The five foot Auger Hawk “Taima” in Seattle, the giant inflatable Bear in Chicago, the Miller Light Club in Dallas, the huge inflatable Viking ship in Minnesota, the chopper with a sidecar in Indy, the Cowboys cheerleaders and the Warpaint in KC…it’s in the game. In addition to having the accurate details for each team’s entrance, the presentation of these run-outs is superb. Every scene has been filmed just like they would on game day by two of the best cinematographers the NFL Films has to offer. (More on this later)"

Source- Major presentation and graphical upgrades

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Member Comments
# 1 MrSkagTrendy @ 04/28/11 09:01 AM
thanks mate. i dont know how i hadn't seen this, great find.
# 2 Exonerated @ 04/28/11 09:03 AM
amazing blog!
# 3 ch46647 @ 04/28/11 09:04 AM
This is the real EA blog from Michael Young who is the art director. I am sure we will be getting a gameplay blog like this today as well...

A mod should sticky this as the OFFICIAL presentation blog. The other blog is written by a community member that they have been bringing in to help with input on the game.
# 4 jmurphy31 @ 04/28/11 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by MrSkagTrendy
thanks mate. i dont know how i hadn't seen this, great find.

No problem..Whats weird is that it was posted yesterday morning...
# 5 djordan @ 04/28/11 09:08 AM
Alright. Im not going to lie. IM PUMPED!!!!!
# 6 RGiles36 @ 04/28/11 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by 43M
If they ACTUALLY listened to fans, they would know those are the two biggest issues fans have had with presentation for years.
That's short-sighted my man. People have been begging for broadcast presentation as a whole for years now, not just commentary or shows.
# 7 PSRusse83 @ 04/28/11 09:23 AM
Vick looks kind of strange but EVERYTHING ELSE! Oh my the color of the Broncos unis THE CORRECT TIMES OF DAY IN FRANCHISE with regard to East and West Coast? Absolutely awesome something I've been wanting for a long time. Can't wait to see Gameplay.
# 8 falconfansince81 @ 04/28/11 09:23 AM
i rather they get the broadcast style/prog lighting down and make the game FEEL authentic before attempting another half time show i will skip over, and won't serve any purpose in online leagues. so for me, it was a good blog of additions and improvements. although they say its an 'ea sports' version of a broadcast i could only speculate they mean something similar to a cbs, nbc, fox style production only with the easports logo swapped in there. everything sounds great as far as presentation goes, game once again LOOKS amazing. still waiting on the clincher tho...gameplay vidyas.
# 9 BlackCats101 @ 04/28/11 09:33 AM
Progressive lighting is back at last. Good stuff.
# 10 PacMan3000 @ 04/28/11 09:35 AM
I went in with very low expectations, but I'm cautiously optimistic now. What I like is that the Madden team seems to have really sought HELP for their presentation woes, not just assume they could fix it on their own. That's the first step.

That picture of Eli Manning is interesting, because clearly, he's coming off the sideline to join his other 10 teammates in the huddle. That IS what you see on Sundays. The question now becomes, how will they implement it into Madden 12?

One small nitpick, though: Eli's stats. The numbers are fine, but I have always been bothered by the fact that EA doesn't use commas with stats. His yardarge says "4002" but should read "4,002"
# 11 ChicagoChris @ 04/28/11 09:39 AM
OK EA...you have my interest back.... very nice blog.
# 12 jbd345 @ 04/28/11 09:42 AM
did i read they are finally adding flags to stadiums?? That's a plus since now they can add all the flags of all 32 teams that circle Ralph Wilson Stadium.
# 13 Pacman83 @ 04/28/11 09:46 AM
Looks good....i wonder if how much the presentation changes when i have a rookie QB and/or rebuild my team....a lot of stuff was bugged in last years game, especially in franchise.

Anyway, shaping up nicely, hope it holds up
# 14 Only1LT @ 04/28/11 09:53 AM

Bravo on them finally addressing the disproportionate player models. They still need more work though. Keep it up.

The comparison of 11 Champ Bailey and 12 Champ, looks like what they have done has had some impact though.

Next up. Get these animations right and you are really cooking with gas.
# 15 Tengo Juego @ 04/28/11 09:58 AM

The champ is here!
# 16 LBFitted @ 04/28/11 10:15 AM
wow, i was thinkin about not getting madden this year...but no way can i pass on it this yr...sounds amazing!
# 17 bigsmallwood @ 04/28/11 10:48 AM
Once again, I LOVE that they are seeming to finally step it up, must view its implementation.
# 18 rangerrick012 @ 04/28/11 10:55 AM
Again, good stuff a/b the entrances and stat overlays. Nothing when it comes to commentary, halftime/weekly wrapup show, etc. Commentary has been lacking big time in this game, and is a huge part of making all of this come together and actually feel like a real broadcast. If you add all of this and still have a lifeless commentary it would be a huge disappointment.
# 19 Nab_Impervious_XII @ 04/28/11 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by EA Sports
Highlights include real broadcast camera locations for every stadium, all new stadium exteriors (seen more than 10 times per game on SNF), virtual cameras, virtual director logic, and new broadcast graphics designed by the geniuses behind MNF, SNF, and ESPN’s Sports Center.
EA certainly hired the experts this year so I expect nothing short of a remarkable change in presentation. If Madden 12 doesn't rival (if not surpass) 2k and The Show this year, it'll be a travesty.
# 20 SageInfinite @ 04/28/11 11:35 AM
Great blog, everything sounds really good. I hope it looks as good as it sounds. I am pumped for now.

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