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# 1 SageInfinite @ 04/28/11 01:11 PM
Looks pretty good so far, have to watch a few more times though. Some of the catch animations really have to go though.
# 2 Lodeus @ 04/28/11 01:14 PM
Looking good.

Loved that block Colombo did. Nice to see Aaron Rogers belt thing in too
# 3 Jarodd21 @ 04/28/11 01:16 PM
Wow.. Look very good..
# 4 bjones16 @ 04/28/11 01:16 PM
Double hit tackle at the .43 mark!!!!
# 5 mm boost @ 04/28/11 01:16 PM
that pancake block from Columbo to that helpless Eagles defender was VISCIOUS! GOSH I AM JACKED FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
# 6 roadman @ 04/28/11 01:19 PM
The game is belt-worthy, yes.
# 7 CM Hooe @ 04/28/11 01:19 PM
Yeah, loved the Colombo block and The Belt as well.
# 8 djordan @ 04/28/11 01:20 PM
Video was cool. Not exactly the 2 man tackles I was thinking of but hey... It was only a 1 minute video. I like the individual tackles I saw though. Looking forward to more videos.
# 9 noplace @ 04/28/11 01:21 PM
Did I see a upfield pass rush in one of the NO highlights around the .18 mark?
# 10 Danimal @ 04/28/11 01:26 PM
Liked what I saw.

Hate to be that nit picky guy but this has always driven me nuts. On the Bree's pass at the 17 second mark, when the guy catches the TD the CB just stops on a dime and turns the other way when his momentum should of carried him into the end zone.

That being said if this is the biggest problem I have with Madden 12 I'll be happy.
# 11 spankdatazz22 @ 04/28/11 01:30 PM
Better than what it's been but... the animation system is still way too stiff imo. Just doesn't look natural
# 12 Rayp @ 04/28/11 01:31 PM
Playing 2k5 and 2k8 and having many criticisms of EA football games I will say that i am impressed...Double hit and consecutive hit tackles where a must. That alone may warrant a purchase for me. Time will tell good stuff EA
# 13 BlackJack_Williams @ 04/28/11 01:39 PM
Yes, I am definitely impressed by this video. I was one of the skeptical, no thank you for Madden gamers but this video have brought some light to my opinions. Still looking forward to actual live game play but this is heading in the right direction.
# 14 drlw322 @ 04/28/11 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by mm boost
that pancake block from Columbo to that helpless Eagles defender was VISCIOUS! GOSH I AM JACKED FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
it was a great block. did you notice the collision detection after the block where he tripped over the defender he blocked and fell to the ground. That looked very nature and not the pinball effect.
# 15 Sik kid Pk @ 04/28/11 01:42 PM
Being a huge Madden skeptic that USED to be a fan of the series.....

That was...good...real good lol...The double hit tackles looked really good, blocking as well. They finally seemed to have listened.

Good job EA, can't wait to see what you guys have for the franchise mode blog.
# 16 SouthernBrick @ 04/28/11 01:47 PM
I like what I seen.

My only question is when the ball is snapped and you hand it off to a RB and you run into a lineman are you still going to be running up his *** all day?

Or did they finally add animations to prevent that from happening? I hate to bring up 2K but, in 2K they have a animation to prevent you from getting stuck on a lineman and doing the running man dance. They will stick their arm out and push off depending on what side they're on and it looks seamless and fluid.

I have a feeling they didn't add this but, I really hope they did.
# 17 coogrfan @ 04/28/11 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by LiquorLogic
Also, it looks as if they corrected the size of the ball. Am I imagining things ?
You are not, that was specifically mentioned in one of the blogs.
# 18 SageInfinite @ 04/28/11 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by spankdatazz22
Better than what it's been but... the animation system is still way too stiff imo. Just doesn't look natural
I agree. Some things look good others look bad. EA just needs to capture all new athletic animations. Even then, I don't know if it will translate into the game. I don't know if the tech they have in place is capable of displaying as many animations as this game needs.
# 19 mestevo @ 04/28/11 02:03 PM
I like, only thing that bugs me in the video is the same old sidelines, but guessing we're a generation of consoles away from being able to render 50 players/cameramen per sideline + AI/animations.
# 20 bxgoods @ 04/28/11 02:04 PM
That hit after Holmes caught the ball over the middle was viscous, thats what I like to see.
You could see a clear momentum shift.

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