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Operation Sports is having its first ever Greatest Team baseball bracket tournament, and you are invited! Think of it as a March Madness-style 64-team single-elimination bracket, only you値l be picking your favorite baseball Greatest Team from one of 73 selections. You値l have a chance to play live vs. other Operation Sports fans and also vs. some of the Operation Sports writers. Each game takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes, but you値l have to win to advance to the next round.

We値l be using the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version to play the Operation Sports real-time multiplayer bracket tournament with brackets and scores all updated in real time all on Saturday May 14, 2011!!

All of the DYNASTY League Baseball Online Greatest Teams have extensively researched player ratings and actual vs. LH and vs. RH batting and pitching splits data.

The DYNASTY League Baseball Online ballparks include detailed ballpark effects in seven different outfield locations as well as ratings for foul territory, how well the ball carries and weather effects by region.

All Operation Sports Greatest Team bracket participants receive a free month of DYNASTY League Baseball Online, and the winner wins an extra free month of DYNASTY League Baseball Online!

Space is limited to 64 bracket slots so make sure to sign up today!

To sign up: Go to DYNASTY League Baseball Online -- sign up for your team and then enter the OS tournament!!

**Enter coupon code OS1 for your free month when you sign up at DYNASTYLeagueBaseball.com by May 15, 2011

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Member Comments
# 1 choadler @ 05/04/11 12:23 PM
Damn, this sounds like so much fun. Too bad, I just don't have the time to participate in these live tournaments.

To anyone on the fence about this game. It is a lot of fun (if you have time to participate in the leagues and play the game face to face. I personally think it is the best game of it's type that I have played.
# 2 MikeCieslinski @ 05/04/11 12:45 PM
Just wanted to put in a reminder that the OS Greatest Team tournament date is Saturday May 14 at Noon ET.

The coupon code for the free month subscription is OS1 and must be used by May 15, 2011.
# 3 MikeCieslinski @ 05/04/11 01:39 PM
The 64 team bracket is starting to fill up!

Team selection is first come first serve amongst the 76 Greatest Teams to choose from including teams from 1924-2010,
# 4 Brandwin @ 05/04/11 02:26 PM
So where do I enter the code? I must have skipped that step.
# 5 choadler @ 05/04/11 03:11 PM
You need to actually sign up for a subscription and the coupon code is put in on that page.

I went for it. I signed up for the free month and hopes that I can participate in at least a few of the tournament games.
# 6 MikeCieslinski @ 05/04/11 03:40 PM
You need to sign up to create an account first and then you get the two day free trial plus the free month when you enter the special OS coupon code OS1. You can enter the free month coupon code during the two day free trial or after the trial expires and you'll be able to play in all of the tournaments including the OS tournament and also enter into a league.
# 7 areobee401 @ 05/04/11 04:18 PM
Where do we enter the code? I'm not seeing it under the subscription?

Edit - I found it
# 8 ubernoob @ 05/04/11 07:54 PM
Woo... Go 1982 Brewers. Harvey's Wallbangers representing WI.
# 9 Brandwin @ 05/04/11 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by areobee401
Where do we enter the code? I'm not seeing it under the subscription?

Edit - I found it
Where is it located?
# 10 areobee401 @ 05/04/11 09:14 PM
Dookie click my account then the subscribe tab. Once there you will see the box to enter the 1 month free code.
# 11 MikeCieslinski @ 05/05/11 09:09 AM
There has been a great response so far. Already half the bracket is filled with lots of interesting greatest team choices.
# 12 ghm125 @ 05/05/11 11:18 AM
anything to buy ?...the game or is it from there site..hate to sound dumb...just tuned in
# 13 MikeCieslinski @ 05/05/11 01:01 PM
You just sign up for an account at DYNASTYLeagueBaseball.com and then log in and play. The coupon code can be entered during the free two day trial or after to receive your free month.

DYNASTY League Baseball is unique in that everything runs right in your browser. That is why it is the only real time muti-player Baseball simulation game.

You'll see the bracket and scores all updated in real time.
# 14 MikeCieslinski @ 05/05/11 03:10 PM
Just a reminder that there are scheduled tournaments every day up until the big 64 team OS bracket on May 14 so you can improve your managerial skills for the big event. You can also download the Official Rulebook PDF at the site.
# 15 areobee401 @ 05/05/11 03:57 PM
Played my first game and won 2-0. Can someone explain the dice system to me?
# 16 choadler @ 05/05/11 04:26 PM
Basically for an at bat, there are 3 dice rolled that comes up with a number from 000 to 999. The batter card has number 000 through 499 and the pitcher card has numbers 500 through 999. You then need to look at left righty matchups and the card has the result of the play on it.

there are die rolls for range, bizarre, umpire, deep drive plays that rolled. The game automatically consults the different charts for these types of situations and rolls the dice to determine the result.

That is the basics. Hope that helps. There are options in the game to see all of the game engine (the type of rolls that are made and so on).
# 17 MikeCieslinski @ 05/05/11 05:22 PM
The Official Rulebook PDF is up at the home page in the right column and explains the dice system, player ratings and much more.
# 18 JamieHall @ 05/05/11 06:15 PM
By the way, the dice are just there IF you want to see the exact workings of the game engine. If you want to turn them off and just "play ball" you can do that too. Some people like to see every single thing that is happening with the dice rolls, while others just want to be surprised. You can control what you see/don't see in the Display Options. The pop up % graphs will give you feedback on how things like player defense is effecting things, and other special ratings (like clutch hitting or pitching out of jams) are referenced in the play-by-play when they factor in. So if you want you can play the game without seeing the dice rolls and still have a good sense of how your decisions are making a difference.
# 19 areobee401 @ 05/05/11 08:13 PM
Thanks for the help JamieHall. After all these years I still just pick up a play games without reading the directions first lol.
# 20 Joey @ 05/06/11 08:57 AM
I was one of the first to sign up, but didn't pay close attention to the time of the tournament. I suppose we have to be online during the games? If so, I'll have to drop out because I have to umpire a tournament next weekend.

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